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‘Hi! Well done for checking out the ‘Messages’ part of the site!

At Station X they had an internal mail system for sending messages. They wrote notes, put them inside small containers and then passed them into a vacuum pipe system that sent them hurtling to where they could be read …and answered. We have a similar system here! Write your comments below and they will whiz their way through cyberspace to find their way to me. And if I can, I’ll send a reply back to you here on this part of the site!

Thanks then… and looking forward to hearing from you!’ H.L.


      • Nathan Thomas says:

        I can’t wait till the book comes out.  Even better is, starting next week, at school, we have to bring in a book to read in lessons on every Friday and Monday for 15mins. The book I’m going to bring in will be yours, aka, the best booke ever!

          • Estelle Dunton says:

            Thank you soo much for becoming an author because it makes reading time at school very exciting! You might become famous like J.K.Rowling :)

          • HL Dennis says:

            And thank you so much for being such an enthusiastic reader! I love the thought that you find reading times exciting! That’s brilliant news!

      • Estelle Dunton says:

        I love your books,
         Your First book comment from me would be : Excitement and Fear pour from the book into your mind i cant wait for all of your series to be out!
        Do you know when your new book will be out? ( After Nights of Neustria )

        • HL Dennis says:

          Thank you so much for those lovely comments! That’s fabulous! And you won’t have to wait too long until Book 4. It’s due out on October 3rd this year!

          • Estelle Dunton says:

            Mrs Dennis will you put my comment in your next book : Fear and Excitement pour off every page Estelle – 9 : Im alysia’s sister Please put my comment in your next book :) xxx

          • HL Dennis says:

            I love this comment, Estelle and I shall ask the publishers to try and include it. I hope they do!! :)

          • HL Dennis says:

            So glad to hear that you are enjoying Book Two as well, Estelle! And thank you for your lovely comments! It makes me so happy to read them and I do make sure the publisher has a look at them!!

      • Faamaini Tapaleao says:

        Hey. I am a GREAT fan of you. i really love your books. I’ve read the first three, Power of three, orphan of the flames AND kights of neustria. I was really gutted when i found out the fourth book hasnt been published yet(dont worry, thats a good thing) i am VERY excited to read the fourth book. I just wanted to ask. when is the fourth book coming out?

        • Faamaini Tapaleao says:

          one other thing. Is there a way that i could be reminded of when the book comes out? im just overly excited to read it! arrghhh.. You are such a great author, i read all three in 4 days… very excited for the fourth book.

          • HL Dennis says:

            That is another lovely comment, Faamaini! I am so impressed you read the books so quickly! Well done! You are a real secret breaker and would be a great member of Team Veritas! Make sure you sign up for updates from this website and then you will get a reminder about when Book Four comes out. Also, we will be adding a countdown clock to the website so you will see the day getting closer! Thanks again for the kind things you said!

        • HL Dennis says:

          Hi Faamaini! How great to hear from you …and that is such a lovely comment! I’m glad you keep wanting to read on! Book Four is released on October 3rd!

  1. Jacob says:

    the website looks amazing!!!!!Although there does not look like alot of stuff its taken me over 2 hours to read it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!only one thing. Is there a coundown clock on this new site because I couldn’t find one?

    • HL Dennis says:

      That’s brilliant news, Jacob! I wanted there to be lots of things for people to find out and lots of background information about Secret Breakers!

  2. What a brilliant website. Everything children, parents and teachers could possibly want and more. It was certainly worth waiting for. Well done! (I am old enough to remember when vacuum tubes flew across the ceilings of shops carrying money to the cashier who would then send your change flying back. They were great fun…)

    • HL Dennis says:

      What a lovely comment! Thank you so much! I remember those money tubes too…from a Saturday job I had in a very old Department Store. When I realised they had them at Bletchley I knew I had to include the idea in Secret Breakers!

    • HL Dennis says:

      So glad you like the title, Fleur. And I really hope you enjoy the story! And yes…there will be more in the series…and I’d love to write lots more books after that!

  3. Callum Musk says:

    Your husband is the head teacher of our school. 
    I cant wait to read your new book.
    From Callum

  4. Indi says:

    Nooo my keyboard don work lol 
    Book epic grandad bought it next day he texted my dad and said he had read it wow talk about fast reading 


  5. lauren goldsmith says:

    hi HL Dennis i love your website it is amazing i bet everyone loves it .i do!!!!!i love the baby pic of u . i have got your book and i am reading it at the moment it is so cool!!!!

  6. Flossie Doak says:

    Hi Helen, its Flossie from the Bumper Bookshop! Really looking forward to doing the interview at Tollgate FM! Are there any animals in your next books?

    • HL Dennis says:

      hi Flossie, I’m looking forward to the interview too. Animals…that’s a good question…there are some suprising animals in the series….?!!

  7. George Kyprianou-Hickman says:

    WWWWWOOOOWWW!! it is so different from before! I love the video of ms 408 being opened!And Jacob, why would you want a countdown clock if the books been published already:-)? Maybe for book two?or 3?or 4? or5? or 6?BRILLIANT WEBSITE !

  8. Amy Pitcher says:

    I really like your website, its so cool!
    I can’t wait to read the book… it looks REALLY GOOD!!

  9. Alysia says:

    I’ve read the book!

    Permanently excitement drips off the page!

    The idea is like…

    Wow evan my reletives that are adults are now reading!

    I totally love the website and so look forward to next book!

    • HL Dennis says:

      That is so so kind, Alysia. And well done for finishing it so quickly…and for passing it on to the adults!!

  10. Eliza Hackett says:

    Hey Helen, love the book! I got it on Saturday and I’ve finished it already:) It was so good, can’t wait for the next one!! And Meggie’s illustrations were reeeeally good too! 😀 xx

  11. Laurel says:

    I can’t wait to read the book! (waiting for my sister to finish it!).   It looks really good and so does the website

  12. AJ Martin from Purple Class says:

    Heyy Helen, love the book… on the last chapter page 301!!! Thanks for all the codes you’ve sent us, it’s been really fun and exciting. I’m definatly going to buy the next book! The cover looks brilliant but I wont say what it looks like. Your secrets safe with Purple Class! Also thanks for the autograph. 😀

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi AJ! It was great to meet you and the rest of Purple Class today. You have been a fabulous team of Secret Breakers! I really love the book you made for me! It’s fabulous! I hope you enjoy the end of the story!!

  13. Caitlin Brennan says:

    Hi Mrs.Dennis
    You were a teacher at my school and you seem really nice so hopefully when my sister has read the book i can. and oh! ur coming to my school friday exciting!!! xox

    • HL Dennis says:

      I do hope you can manage to borrow a copy of the book from your sister, Caitlin…and I really look forward to seeing you at your school on Friday! Be sure to try and say hello!

  14. Nathan Thomas says:

    I have finished reading the book.
    It is AMAZING!
    I loved it.
    Can’t wait til book two comes out.
    I don’t know how you could thing of such great ideas which worked perfectly together. 
    Best book I have ever read!!!

    • HL Dennis says:

      What a lovely message, Nathan! I am so glad you enjoyed it!! Thank you so much! And I hope you book a place at the Breakfast launch for Book Two :)

  15. Chloe Sergi says:

    Hi! Thank you very much for coming in to school today! I really enjoyed the lesson! The book sonds great and cant wait to read it! Love from Chloe x

  16. hi HL Dennis im sophie you sighed my book secert breakers at school (parkland jr)ilove reading and i love reading your book you are also my fav authour

    • HL Dennis says:

      What a lovely comment Sophie! I had such a great time at your school. You were all very good Secret Breakers and I am so glad you love reading! I feel very honoured to be your favourite author! Thank you!

  17. Gaynor Lyons says:

    Hi Helen,
    I just wanted to thank you for the tremendous visit to our school on Friday morning – our Years 7 and 8 students were enthralled – so much buzz about the book at school! Some student comments are ‘book looks good, can’t wait to read it’, ‘thought it looked good and was interesting as it was from true life events’, ‘the code cracking workshop was excellent’. Thank you once again and I hope to see you again soon. Many, many congratulations on this publication!!!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Thank you Gaynor! I’m so glad the students enjoyed the visit. It was great to be there! Thank you for having me!

  18. Meshal Al-Saleem says:

    Hi Helen,you had came to our school Tiverton School. Thanks for coming , with you we learned how break codes,
    My Name is Meshal Im a boy in Grade 5

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Meshal! It was great to spend time at your school today. You were all so welcoming and made such excellent Secret Breakers! Thanks for having me!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Sophie! It was great to meet you at Parklands and I am so glad you are enjoying the book! Thank you!

  19. Caitlin Brennan says:

    i love the code and cypher lessons (im not sure if that’s spelt write sorry) part of the website it’s really fun!!!!

  20. Finley.J says:

    Hello. Well done on the new book. Just finished reading. BBBRRRIIIILLLIIIIAAAANNNTTT!!!
    Can’t wait till the next one.

    • HL Dennis says:

      Yay! Thanks so much for your comment, Finley. I am so pleased you like the book as I know you are a great critic! Thank you so much!

  21. Megan Parker says:

    The website is amazing, the book is amazing and I can’t wait for the other books, I will definitely buy them. By the way, it was so much fun interviewing you. Thank you for  coming to Tollgate FM.

    • HL Dennis says:

      Thank you so much Megan! And what a wonderful radio interviewer you were. I had such a lovely time at Tollgate School and thank you so much for the kind things you said!

  22. Rachel Sibarani-Davey says:

    Hello! I believe you came to my school and I bought the book and got it signed by you. I totally love it and it really intrests me how three of the best minds in britain are tenagers. I really am trying to crack all the codes you put in there.

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Rachel. I’m so glad you are enjoying the book…and yes, isn’t it great that teenagers and young people really can be the best at solving problems! I hope you have fun with all the codes and thank you for your comment!

  23. Megan Parker says:

    Hi it’s Megan who interviewed you for Tollgate FM. Thank you so much for coming in and letting Flossie and I interview you, it was great fun. I am reading the book and I think it is ever so good. So far, the latest i have gone to bed is 11:30, I stayed up that late because I couldn’t put the book down. I can’t wait for the next book to come out, I will definitely buy the whole series!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Wow Megan! It’s great to hear you couldn’t put your book down! I hope you weren’t too tired hehe!! And I am so glad you are looking forward to the next book in the series. Secret Breakers have lots more codes to crack! Thanks again for working so well with Flossie on the radio interview. I really had fun!

  24. tobias dane says:

    Hay I don’t know when the other book is out. Please can you tell me? I’ve started reading the first one. So far its awesome. I just started chapter 3. Its cool so far. please reply.

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Tobias! Great to hear from you and to hear you are enjoying reading ‘Secret Breakers: The Power of Three’! Book Two in the series, ‘Orphan of the Flames’ is out in October so keep an eye out for that!

  25. Sam Williams says:

    Really great book! I used to go to ocklynge and e-plus! Do you remember me? If so I’d really appreciate some advice on how to get a book published because I am currently writing one myself and I’m not sure how to jump through all the hoops. could you send me some tips please?

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Sam. Great to hear from you! And fabulous to hear that you are writing your own book. Here’s some tips about what to do….Try and get hold of a copy of ‘The Writers and Artists Yearbook’ (the Reference library will have it if you don’t want to buy a copy.) Look at the entry for publishers and try and find the names of publishers whose books you like reading…and see if they accept unsolicited manuscripts. It will tell you how much of your story to send and who you should address it to. You have to be patient but it’s the way to start! You could also check out The Winchester’s Writers’ Weekend Conference next June….you get to meet editors face to face then and talk about your work. It’s expensive…but there are bursaries for students. Also quite costly is an organisation called ‘Cornerstones’ where you can send your work for page by page advice. This might be worth a go! Good luck with it Sam! I’m sure your writing will be great!

  26. Issy says:

    To (Ms.Dennis?!) Helen: I LOVED Secret Breaker-it was awesome and really different!. I am SO excited to meet you in October-You know one of our Librarians so you’re coming in and I’m so so so excited. :). I love the idea of breaking a code, as there hasn’t been many of those types of books!!!!!. I’m sure the next of the series will be as amazing as the first!!!!.

    XD. Issy. xxo.

    • HL Dennis says:

      What a lovely comment Issy. So nice to hear from you and I am really looking forward to coming to your school in October too! I am so pleased you enjoyed ‘Power of Three’. Not long now until the launch of Book Two!! Lots of best wishes for a really great summer and thank you again for the kind things you said!

      • Issy says:

        I hope you have an awesome summer, too. You deserve it after, all the hard work you’ve put in. XD. Looks like Summer’s gonna be hot after all!.


  27. chloe kiely says:

    well done! I’m so happy to know that one of my teachers from Ocklynge has writen a book! I can’t wait to read it, I know it will be brilliant!!

  28. Mia says:

    U gotta sign my school shirt 2morrow!!
    Thanks 4 the E+ party. I will remember to roll down hills and I promise 2 fly 2morrow… or 2day.

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Mia. The end of year party was fun wasn’t it… and of course I’ll sign your school shirt! (We should point out this is a ‘leaving school tradition’ not just a random every day happening!!) And I’m glad you took on board the ‘need to fly’!

  29. Mia says:

    I flew! Just a minute ago. I flew then literally came in and typed up this message. Thanks 4 signing my school shirt Mrs Dennis! Gunna miss ya!!!

  30. Hello I’ve read the book and really enjoyed it and can’t way for the second one! The website really connects with the book like its a secret code waiting to be broken! I’m a big fan and you have visited my primary school which is Muswell Hill primary school and I had so much fun!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Laura. So glad you found the website and like it…and so glad you finished the book and enjoyed it. I had a great time at Muswell Hill. Your school was fabulous so thanks so much for having me in!

  31. I really want to be an author and would love to gain you support! If I can I might send you a finished copy of the book I’m writing (if I have time!) and can’t wait for the secound power of three!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Elsie. This cover always had the three children running….bet you want to know what they are running from…or to…but you’ll have to be patient!! :) Not long now!!

  32. Emily says:

    I think your book is amazing and you’re somebody to look up to and I would love to write a book myself  thankyou

    Yours  sincerley
    Emily (from Tollgate school)

    • HL Dennis says:

      Thank you so much for the lovely things you said, Emily. And do keep writing! Making up your own stories is the best fun in the world…but you have to keep at it…so don’t give up! Hope you have a lovely summer!

  33. Jane says:

    Hi mrs Dennis its me jane im really missing you. I watched singin’ in the rain today at two thirty Meggie was brilliant

      • Nathan Thomas says:

        Great that Benji had a good birthday especially as schools starting again soon so he’ll get all lonely
        When he does get bored, I’m sure he’ll be finishing reading a specific great book!

        • HL Dennis says:

          Yes Nathan, you’re so right! I actually read sections of the books to Benji as I write! It’s a good way of hearing how they sound!

  34. Issy says:

    Hey, (Again-Oops). But I wanted to ask, are y’all planning to make a Secret Breaker’s Movie, I’m not sure if this question has been answered or not but I think a movie would be awesome. Obviously, it would be great if there was one but I understand its hard.


    • HL Dennis says:

      Oh what an exciting idea Issy! I would love there to be a ‘Secret Breakers’ movie. Lots of the settings would make great places to film and it would be wonderful to see the story on screen…so who can tell? Maybe one day…but it would be a dream come true! I’m glad you like the idea! :)

      • o my gosh i absoultley love your book hl dennis came to my school and u signed it for me it feels pretty good to have read the book and have met the author i cannot wait till the next book come out orphan of the flames do u  have any idea where u might have anymore signing i want this book signed to thank you?:D 

        • HL Dennis says:

          Hi Elda! So lovely to hear from you and I’m really pleased you are excited about getting hold of a copy of ‘Orphan of The Flames’. I’d love to sign it for you. I am doing a signing at Bluewater Waterstone’s on Saturday October 6th….and I shall try and arrange some signings near to Eastbourne too. If you check out the diary section soon you might find a signing near you….or if you let me know which area you are in I can keep you updated about when I am next near by! Thanks again!

  35. Bronte says:

    hi i loved the first book and waiting for the second one. the only problem is the first book isn’t large so i got through it easy and the other is taking soooo long to come out.

    please don’t make wait a long time for the third.

    • HL Dennis says:

      What a lovely comment, Bronte! I am so glad you enjoyed Secret Breakers One…and it’s not long now until Book Two! Keep October 4th in your dairy. And I’m actually editing Book Three this week…and that’s due for release in May 2013! Keep an eye on this website for all the latest news about that…and thank you again for the lovely things you said!

  36. Samira Idmessaoud says:

    Hi Mrs Dennis! We got some I.T homework in Cavendish and I mentioned your next book release in October! “Orphan of the flames” it sounds brilliant! I cant wait to read it when it comes out!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Sam! Great to hear from you…and I hope it is all going well for you at Cavendish! Thanks so much for mentioning Book Two’s release in your IT homework! That’s great! I can’t wait to hear what you think of Book Two when you get it. Not long now!

  37. Aurelia Packham says:

    Hi im from ocklynge and im soooo excited about your new book coming out the orphan of the flames.I remember when you showed me it in assembly when it was classified!!!well done and good luck!

      • Aurelia says:

        I’m back and love book 2.I wanted to wish good luck once again and can’t wait for book 3, and I’m exited too as you said you might use my name in one of your books, as it is so unusual, YAY!One more thing, your books are the best books I have have read in my whole 10 year life.Your the best book writer in HISTORY!

        • HL Dennis says:

          Well what a lovely, lovely comment, Aurelia! That has made my day! I am so glad to read the really kind things you said. It is so nice to know that you are enjoying the books. And I really have stored your name away as it is such a beautiful name. Thank you so much again and lots of best wishes for a really super start to 2013!

          • Aurelia Packham says:

            Seriously can`t wait for book 4, must get it, gonna keep commenting/maybe not but still so excited about the book, since I don`t go to Ock school anymore because I go to secondary, my brothers getting the book but it`s going to be signed for me, if you catch my drift! Love you! :)

          • HL Dennis says:

            I hope you are getting on alright at Secondary School Aurelia! And I look forward to passing ‘your’ book onto your bother! thank you for your lovely comment!

  38. Nathan Thomas says:

    Just gone on the waterstones website to see if the second book is out, (there is always a few out early), and I’ve found something better! I won’t say what it is, but what I will say is: I am ryingt to indf my alenderc to ritew omethings, hichw I hinkt ash a antasricf amen!

  39. Sorcha Wallace Carville says:

    Hey Mrs Dennis! So glad to see your series properly up and running! I hope you’re having a fab year off! I really wanted to come and see you after school but turns out Mrs Kelly’s taking E plus instead! Hoping to see you next year and looking forward to reading your 2nd book! xxx

  40. gracie reid says:

    hello I am mayas sister (she was in e plus last year) I am poorly so i can’t see you today for the assembly but i really wanted to come. my sister says she will tell me about it. 

    • HL Dennis says:

      Poor Gracie! I do hope you are feeling better! And I am making a return visit to Ocklynge on October 22nd. Maybe you will be able to come along to the Year 4 assembly as a special guest if you ask your teacher very very nicely!

  41. You came to ocklynge this morning you read us the first page in your new book I would like to get one soon and read it myself its fab and you are soon going to be my new favorite author as well as david wallliams.you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. hello MRS Dennis its codie i asked you how much your amazing books are !!!! I really injoyed the frist page of secort brakers 2 i am going to ask my mum if she will let me get book 1 and 2 ? i think i will really like them!!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Codie…so great that you enjoyed the start of Book Two. I hope Mum does let you get your own copy but check out the school library if not. I know they have some!

  43. Nathan Thomas says:

    Hi, I’m  loving your second book so far, almost haf way through now. I’ve heard that you are coming to ocklynge on the 22nd, so can I give my book to my friend, (he was in your class last year I think),  so I can get him to give it to you if he sees you that day so to can sign it? 

  44. Natasha Granada says:

    Hi i am already liking your book and i only got it today… thank you for coming into our school and having lunch with us -the broxbourne school- we had a great time and we hope you did too….

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Natasha. I have just got back from my travels! I had the most lovely time at your school. You were all such an excellent audience and I had such a lovely time…so thank you so much for your comment. I hope to come back to Broxbourne one day!!

  45. Hi! You came to my school today. The broxbourne. Im so glad that an amazing author like you is going to look at my website. I hope im like you where you get so into your writing you publish a book.

    • HL Dennis says:

      Dear Nerys, it was great to meet you and I really hope you keep writing!! It is the best fun ever…so keep at it!! Well done you!!

        • HL Dennis says:

          I am sure it will if you keep trying, Nerys! Why not try looking in the ‘Artist and Writer’s Year Book’ to get the address of publishers to send you work to. Good Luck!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hello Eva! I had a lovely time at Harbourne. You were all so nice and have such a wonderful school story! I love your phoenix badge!!

  46. Charlotte M. says:

    Hello, you are coming to my school so i decided to read one of your book they are amazing the first page get you hokked right in i cant wait to read the sequel!! i like how you have used imagery as well.

    look forward to seeing you

    charlotte M. xx

    • HL Dennis says:

      hi Charlotte! I’m so glad you have started reading the series and like what you have read. Please make sure you say hello when I come to your school! It will be so good to meet you!x

  47. abbie martin says:

    hi Helen Dennis im abbie martin the girl you signed a book for at colmers farm junior school i’ve read part the book secret breakers power of three and i really like it. 

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Abbie! Great to hear from you! I had a lovely time at Colmers Farm and I am so glad you are enjoying The Power of Three! Hope you enjoy the rest of it!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Katrina! So glad to hear you enjoyed Books 1 and 2. Book Three is released on May 2nd 2013. I know that seems like ages away….but it will be here before we know it!

  48. Aliyah Sulaman says:

    Hi,I’m Aliyah,

    Today you visited my school,TJS (I was so excited)!Anyway,that was an amazing experiance,you even inspired me to come up with a new book idea!I love your website and cant wait to read your 1st book from our school libary!Hope you reply soon!:)

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Aliyah! I had a great time at your school and have just got back from my travels! So glad you enjoyed the session and I’m so happy to hear you have come up with your own story idea! Keep at it!! Also hope you enjoy the books when you can get them from the library.

      • Aliyah Sulaman says:

        I have already got the book from the  libary.Ive started to read it and it’s amazing.so mysterious.Oh and thanck you for the support. I’ve started to write my book idea.I’ts called ‘Violet and the secret cave of zanzaria’.You  have really inspired me.

        • HL Dennis says:

          Thank you so much for your comment, Aliyah. And the title of your book idea sounds fantastic! Keep at it. I am sure it will be a great story!

    • HL Dennis says:

      So pleased I am coming to your school, Luis. Do say ‘hi’ when I’m there. Thanks for your best wishes about the writing. Book Three is all done…and I’m editing Book Four right now!

  49. Oliver Warner says:

    I love the first secret breakers book and as i’m in a club we have been limited to a certian chapter and i’m realy temted to read ahead! =D

    • HL Dennis says:

      Oh that sounds great, Oliver! I love reading books with other people when we have to read up to a certain page…it makes discussion good fun…but I am glad you are tempted to read on! 😉

    • HL Dennis says:

      That’s such a nice comment, Jonathon. Great to hear from you…and when I come to your school on the 8th you’ll have to tell me who your favourite character is!

  50. Lara Kennedy says:

    My name is Lara. I wanted to ask a few questions:
    When is the next one coming out? I can’t wait to hear more about Brodie and her Mum! Do you know what it is going to be called yet? Also, you came to my school last year and you were great fun! My class read the book and LOVED it. My school is Muswell Hill Primary school in London! I hope you remember your time there! Lara
    p.s I look up to you…

    • HL Dennis says:

      What a lovely comment, Lara. I remember your school well! I had a great time there and I know you have a fabulous bookshop nearby! I also remember you were all excellent ‘secret breakers’! I am so thrilled to hear your class read the first book. That’s wonderful! Book two ‘Orphan of the Flames’ is out right now…and the third book…’Knights of Neustria’ will be out on May 2nd 2013. There will be lots more to be find out about Brodie and her Mum! Thanks again for making contact, Lara!

  51. Emily Haines says:

    I am really looking forward to seeing you at my school chatham grammar school for girls on Wednesday the 4th of November.  I am really exited to meet you and get my book signed. I can’t wait to read your books.  I absolutely love your website it’s fab!!!!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Emily! Great to hear from you and I am really looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday! I am so glad you like the website! Thank you!

  52. Amy says:

    Thankyou very much for adding  my  name on to the signature . I think your writing is amazing . And your books sound very interesting. I am Oliver’s sister Amy the girl you chose to help out in assembly at Pevensey and Westham school.

    • HL Dennis says:

      It was great to meet you and Oliver, Amy! I really liked your school and had a lovely time there! Thank you for your help in the assembly!

  53. Andy hyde says:

    Great to chat at your book signing. Already sorting ideas out for my next two books and looking up Winchester conference. Read first chapter and it’s working for me – intriguing old duffers and a great way of drawing the children characters into the action. 

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Andy, glad you like the start of the book…and good to hear that you are sorting ideas out for your own writing. Winchester is definitely a great conference to meet agents and editors and it’s really great to have the conference as a deadline to get work in shape to get looked at! If you do want to go then try and apply to be sent a ‘conference booking form’ nice and early as it is ‘first come first served’ for the one-to-one slots with editors/agents! Was really good to chat at the signing. Good Luck!

      • Andy hyde says:

        thanks for the advice. hope the books really take off. should be a winner with the codes and the characters – all quite believeable and mysterious. reading 6 books atm so taking this one slowly and savouring it.

      • James Brown says:

        Hi Helen im the ANT if you remember. i really am enjoying the book i cant wait to read more once ive read the power of three im definetely going to buy the orphan of the flames well basically im going to read the whole sequel

        • HL Dennis says:

          Hi James! You were a great ANT. It’s such a great idea. I had a lovely time at your school and hope you enjoy all the series! Thanks again for all your help!

  54. Klaudia C says:

    Hi Helen,
    I really loved your visit to our school. It was really fun listening to you saying all about you and your books. I cant wait to go and buy all of your series. I’m sort of sad because I didn’t get to buy your books with your autograph in it. I hope I see you somewhere around the city :)

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Klaudia, I’m so glad you enjoyed the visit. I had a fabulous time at your school…and I definitely intend to come back again one day! I hope you manage to get hold of a signed copy as I did leave some signed ones at the bookshop. Let me know how you get on!

  55. Maia Lunt says:

    thanks for coming to my school today i had great fun and i bought both of your two books thanks for signing them i can hardly put it down

    thanks again from maia at Peasedown
    p.s.i was the one sat in the front row in the question asking(y6) and i said i liked your necklace. thnx

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Maia, I remember you as we talked about your lovely name! Thank you so much for buying both books. I really hope you keep enjoying them…and I’m so glad you like my necklace. I love it and had to go home the other day because I set off for an event and had forgotten to put it on!Hope the bad weather down your way hasn’t been too bad for you and your school!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Eva! So great to hear from you…and so glad you like the books! That’s especially nice for me as I know what a great reader you are! Thank you!

    • HL Dennis says:

      yay… a lovely message from an ‘old flat mate’ who knew me when the dream of being a writer was just a dream….and that was too many years ago to mention! So lovely to hear from you…and really hope you enjoy the books!! Loads of best wishes!

  56. Sean says:

    Just finished book one and I really enjoyed it and it has me intrigued . I really want to read book two, but i can not find it any where has it come out in Australia yet?

    I would just like to know is it possible to get a copy of MS 408, because in the section “Secrets to Break” there is a video and in it is MS 408. You have sparked something within me and I need to to know more.

    If you could help that would be great loved the book keep at them.


    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Sean. Great to hear from you…amd I am so glad that you are intrigued to know more about MS 408! It is such an interesting manuscript isn’t it! The version you see on the video on the ‘secrets to break’ page is a replica I made myself. Every page is kept online at the Bienecke Rare Book and Mansucript Library…and I put the printed pages together to make the replica. (Check out the link on the ‘secrets to break’ page which shows each page.)The replica is great to take it into schools on events and visits! Maybe one day I’ll get the chance to bring it to Australia! Talking of Australia…’Orphan of the Flames’ is out there now…(I have seen it on the Dymocks webpage…does that help??)I do hope you manage to track down a copy of book two…and that you enjoy it! Thanks again for your enouragement and interest.

      • sean says:

        Hi Helen,

        I have just looked a dymocks and they do have it, so thank you because I did not think to look there.

        About the replica that you made i have looked at the pages online and printed them and I am trying to make it into a book but I can not figure out how. If you could post the way you did it or some tips and mybe osme pictures of it that would be really helpful.

        From sean.

        • HL Dennis says:

          Hi Sean, thanks for this message…glad that you can track Book 2 down now! And thanks so much for the tip about the dating of the mansucript and the video link. I’ll check that out once the holidays are over. That’s brilliant so thank so much! I’m very impressed you have printed out the manuscript pages. Well done! When I made my replica I got hold of a blank leather bound book and then glued the printed pages of the manuscript on top. I got hold of the blank leather book from a stationers in London and as the mansucript has about 240 pages I just carefully took out extra pages from the blank book that weren’t needed. The map pages were tricky as they extend out of the book….so I glued these together to make the large map and then folded them into the book. I hope this helps Sean. Let me know how you get on! Good Luck!

          • sean says:

            Hi Helen,
            That is really helpful, I will try that. So glad that you enjoyed the fact and will watch the video of the manuscript i think you will find it very intersting. I will keep you updated about my progress with trying to make a replica of the manuscript. The map part has been really hard for me too but with your help I think I can.

            When i am finished I could email some photos of it to you so then you can see what mine turned out to look like.

            From Sean.

  57. Amelia says:

    I really want to be a writer when I’m older. I can’t belive that you found maths hard but loved English-that’s SO me!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Yay Amelia….you sound just like me then…so hang onto your dream of being a writer! Maths will get easier…but don’t despair if it’s hard. Just make sure you keep writing and enjoy making up stories! Lots of best wishes!

      • Amelia says:

        Thanks, I will. I’ve been planning my series for ages now! What sort of area are you limited to for visiting schools because i would LOVE to actually see you and English lessons REALLY need jazzing up-even for one day!

        • HL Dennis says:

          So glad to hear you are still planning your stories, Amelia! I always find the planning stage so much fun! And I also have so much fun on school visits that I am keen to go where-ever I can! If you think your school might like a visit then get a friendly teacher or librarian to check out the ‘Schools Visits’ page where they can contact the publisher and ask for more details. I am based in Sussex….but we have events planned all over the country so there might be a chance I could pop in and say ‘hi’ and do some code cracking with your class! I’d love that!

  58. Nathan Thomas says:

    I’ve just finished Orphan Of The Flames and I love it. There was not a single bit where it wasn’t fantastic. It is by by far my favourite book I have ever read in my life. It’s sooo good! I’m still trying to write a book and if or when it ever gets published in one of the pages at the begin I am going to say that you were (are) my biggest inspiration and that I highly recommend to read it!

    • HL Dennis says:

      What a lovely lovely comment, Nathan! I am so pleased you enjoyed ‘Orphan of the Flames’! That is brilliant news! And it’s brilliant too, to hear that you are still writing stories! Please keep at it as you have a fabulous imagination….and I would love to see your published books with that lovely comment inside! Thank you so much…and Happy New Year!

  59. Lachlan McKenna says:

    Thank you! Your Book series have defiantly made my Top 3! I reeeeeeealy can’t wait for the next book to come out! (And then I’ll have to wait another month for it to come out in Mackay.

    • HL Dennis says:

      So brilliant to hear from you, Lachlan…and thank you for such a lovely comment! I am thrilled ‘Secret Breakers’ has made your top three! Thank you so much! And I do hope you manage to get hold of the next book soon after it is released…I know the publishers are working very hard on Book Three to get it shipped to Australia in time!!

  60. Aashna says:

    Miss Dennis, 

    Your books are great. It’s just that Secret Breakers is the one I have read and I can’t stop reading. But I cannot find the other part in the bookstore! Please help me! 

    • HL Dennis says:

      How lovely to hear from you, Aashna. And I am so glad you enjoyed Book One…and would love to help you get hold of ‘Book Two : Orphan of the Flames’! Which country are you in?? I know that Amazon has the book… both the .com and the .co.uk sites. And there are other on-line sites that have it…but if you tell me which country you are in then maybe the publisher can help me help you track one down! I’d love to know what you think of Book Two!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Elda! Good to hear you have a good plan for a story coming. ‘Secret Breakers’ is published by Hodder Children’s Books in the UK…and they pay me to make my story into a book. I didn’t pay them. You can get stories made in to books by paying companies but the best thing to do is try and get a mainstream publisher to take your work! This involves lots of hard work…and never giving up! Good Luck!

  61. Nadz Cullen says:

    I’ve finally finished reading the first book, and I am using it in a school project. I would like to know what exactly is the theme of the book.

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Nadz! Good to hear you have finished Book One. I hope you enjoyed it. I wonder what you think the theme of Secret Breakers is? I hope it is the idea that kids and young people have the power to solve huge puzzles and should never be underestimated! Do you think that fits with your idea of what a theme is?

  62. Joshua Bulford says:

    Read both of your books. Can’t wait to read Knights of Neustria. I worked out that code you told me about, at Waterstones in Eastbourne.

    • HL Dennis says:

      How great to hear from you, Joshua. And I am so glad you enjoyed the books and are looking forward to Book Three. Not long to wait now! I’m very impressed you found the hidden code. That makes you a real Secret Breaker! Well Done!

  63. sean says:

    Hi Helen,

    just having a bit of trouble making the manuscript. I can’t find a book the size of the pages of the manuscipt, it is either to big or to small could you help me. Also could you name any good stationary shops that might sell a book the size of the pages.

    From sean

    • HL Dennis says:

      hi Sean! Sorry to hear you are having trouble making your own manuscript…but here’s a tip! I made the pages of the print outs fit the pages of the book I bought…not the other way round! So…you may have to stretch and extend some of the images you copy. Take a note of the size of the page you are trying to fill and then stretch…or shrink… your ‘copied images’ to fit. Hope this makes sense. I’m afraid I can’t recommend any good stationery shops. I bought my leather book in a place called Campden Market in London…but I think that is a long way for you to travel!! Good luck with it all!

      • sean says:

        Hi Helen,

        Thanks for the tip I did not think of that, I will try it and it probably is a little to far for me to travel but we do have some good stationary shops here. by the way I have ordered the second book fron dymocks they were sold out when I went there.

        from sean

  64. Tallulah Roberts says:

    Hey. It’s me Tallulah don’t know if you remember me! I was in E+ last year. I love your books and am a huge fan. The website so exciting and I’m so glad to have known you. You really inspire me to keep reading and writing stories. Thanks!

    • HL Dennis says:

      How could I forget you, Tallulah…you were a star pupil! And I’m sure I’ll see your stories in print some day! Hope things are going well for you and that E plus this year is fun! Keep reading and writing!! And thanks so much for the lovely comment!

  65. Tay-Lah says:

    I love your books! they are really good! I have read a lot of books, but your series is the BEST! I pent a whole day reading power of three because it was such a good book, as many people say, the code of it had to be broken. i wanted to read on because it pulls you in like MS408! when is the third book coming out? when i met you at Chatham Grammer girls school, you became my idol!

    • HL Dennis says:

      What a lovely message, Tay-Lah. I had such a lovely time at your school! Everyone was so enthusiastic and so it was so nice to hear that you enjoyed ‘The Power of Three’! I hope you enjoy Book Two if you manage to get hold of a copy. Book Three is out in May. I’m getting very excited! Thanks again for your lovely comment!

  66. Tay-Lah says:

    No problem. We have to dress up a teddy bear for world book day as our favourit
    book character. I,m going to do Brodie Bray in her Pembroke uniform. Wish me luck!

    • HL Dennis says:

      That is such brilliant news, Tay-Lah! I would love to see a picture of your teddy dressed as Brodie! Maybe you could send one to Rebecca Hearne, Publicity and Marketing, Hachette Children’s Books, 338 Euston Road, London, NW1 3BH and we could put it on the website! Good Luck with it!

  67. paige wren says:


  68. Nathan Thomas says:

    Hello, just a few months till the next book is coming out! Today I went to the Brighton Pavillion and I loved it. I couldn’t believe how many dragons and snakes there was. When we were in the Music Room I found out that it is sort of an unlucky room. We were talking to one of the people who worked there in the room and he said that in China people believe having dragons and snakes together is unlucky. Funnily enough it, as we know, did become an unlucky room as in the 1987 storm one of the things on the ceiling crashed down through th carpet, which had just been re done earlier that year! And of course there was the arsen attack that happened because someone failed their exams in college. (I think that was what he said.) Unfortunately they don’t do behind the scenes tours any more. I was really annoyed that we couldn’t go up the stair case, into the room full of doors and see the trap door or pulley thing. But I still really enjoyed it lots. Hope you are having a great holiday, including Benji!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Nathan, so good to hear from you! And I am so glad you had a great time at The Royal Pavilion. It is an amazing place isn’t it! It is a shame they no longer let tours up to the secret room…but there is a link on the website here to show you that it really truly exists! (Book One…Secret Locations) I hope you managed to see the Chinese writing above the door! The music room is my favourite room…but I think the view that is an unlucky room might be true! It certainly wasn’t a lucky place for Brodie, was it! I’m having a great holiday thanks…and hope you are too! And Benji says ‘hi’!

  69. Blessing Gbadamosi says:

    I heard you will be visiting my school next week. I go Clapton Girls Academy in Hackney and I am ever so delighted to be meeting you! When, I see you, I will be asking so many questions! See you soon! 

    • HL Dennis says:

      What a lovely message, Blessing. I am really looking forward to my visit to your school…and now I am looking forward to your questions! It will be great to meet you! See you very soon!

  70. Angela Igreja says:

    I am very enthusiastic about the book and ever since we started reading the power of three in class, I think I have become one of your biggest fans. I am very excited at the fact that you are coming to our school and I can’t wait to ask you my questions. Until then, bye!

    • HL Dennis says:

      What a super message, Angela! I am so pleased that you are enjoying the start of ‘The Power of Three’ and am very pleased to hear that you have lots of questions for me! I shall really look forward to meeting you! I wonder which Secret Breaker you are most like….maybe Brodie….or perhaps Tusia….or maybe you are great at maths like Hunter?? I can’t wait to meet you and all your class mates. Thank you again for your lovely comment!

  71. Nabihah Rahman says:

    I have been a fan for quite some time now and I would like to congratulate you of your very near unleashing of “the knights of neustria.” I hope that the quest of Brodie, Hunter and Tusia doesn’t take a turn for the worst! I am also a person that you will be meeting on your trip to our school on Monday and I am very eager to ask you my questions and the activities you have planned up your sleeve. Until the release of your new book, I will just have to do some wishful thinking… see you on Monday!

    • HL Dennis says:

      How fabulous to hear from you Nabihah and I am so glad that you have enjoyed Secret Breakers for a while now! It won’t be long until ‘Knights of Neustria’ is out and you can see where the adventure takes our heroes! I have some coding planned for you all on Monday and can’t wait to see how you all get on and to answer your questions! Really looking forward to seeing you very soon and thank you so much again for your comment!

  72. Chloe and latifah says:

    The book is amazing and I will be looking forward to reading the other series of the secret breakers.

  73. nabila hussain says:

    Hi Helen, I am really looking forward to reading your 2nd edition and thanks for coming to our school too. T

    • HL Dennis says:

      OOh good question! It’s all to do with the firebird code and how things can sometimes be saved out of the ashes of terrible fire!

  74. angela and nabihah says:

    We are the girls that made you the newsletter. We just want to say that we very much enjoyed your visit to our school and on behalf of our class we would like to say a very big thank you! In our class whom looked more like Brodie, Tusia and Hunter personality-wise? We promise to read your books and hope to see you again! :)

    • HL Dennis says:

      Dear Angela and Nabihah, It was so wonderful to meet you both on Monday and I loved the newsletter! I think both of you would make excellent Secret Breakers…and d’you know, you both reminded me of Brodie because of your understanding of story! But I think you both have quite a lot of Tusia’s skills too having done all that work and organised it so well! So I think you both would make the perfect Secret Breaker and you would definitely be chosen to be part of Team Veritas! And I think that all the girls in your session would be welcome on the team as you all listened so well and had thought of such amazingly clever questions! Thank you so much 7A for the lovely comments and the things I got to take away. I had the most lovely time visiting you school! Thank you for making the visit very special!!

  75. Muked says:

    I loved the way you taught us how to crack codes and I enjoyed your visit to orchard primary school in hackney looking forward to reading rest of your books 😀

    • HL Dennis says:

      Thank you Muked! And I loved the codes your class had made for me and the wonderful way you all worked! Thanks for having me in school!

  76. Dogan says:

    I can’t wait to read the other book that comes out but I wouldn’t read it until I finish the first book P.S Really liked the the beginning. 

  77. Nikisha says:

    I really liked the way you described the charcters. It was very adventerous .hope to read the next book I loved it!

    • HL Dennis says:

      That’s really kind of you Nikisha! I’m so glad you liked the sound of the characters…as I have such great fun writing about them!

  78. Dogan says:

    Hi Its me Dogan remember you visited my class: Orchard Primary School And I really liked your books they rock as much as you do.

  79. Angela igreja says:

    H .L Dennis love your books today you meet me i was one of the girls that made you that wonderful newsletter hope you liked our visit and our gifts. I want to say that you toke the same amount of time as my sister to grow up. I love the character Brodie, Hunter and Tusia. Hope to see you again and I am as bad as spelling as I image you are. love your books a big fan. 

    • HL Dennis says:

      Thank you Angela for this comment too! And you see…being not brilliant at spelling shouldn’t hold you back as a code cracker…or a writer…or as a student!! I’m so pleased to hear that you enjoyed the visit and thanks again for all the lovely things I got to bring away!

  80. angela and nabihah says:

    Thank you for visiting our class yesterday and we hope you like the newsletter that we wrote for you! On behalf of our class we would like to say that we very much enjoyed your visit and we all hope to see you soon. We both promise to read your books and are very eager to discover what happens in the next book. One question: personality-wise who is most like Tusia, Hunter and Brodie? We eagerly await your reply. Once again THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Angela and Nabihah. So glad you are going to go on with the series! And maybe one day I’ll get to come back to your lovely school and chat to you again! Oooh and about the personality question….I’ve replied to that part below…but you should know that I think I am mostly like Brodie with my love of stories…and quite a lot like Tusia with her love of organising people…and I must say that although I find maths tricky and am not like Hunter really…I do like food like he does!! Thanks again girls! Your class was brilliant!

  81. tilli says:

    hi my name is tilli and i’m from west rise junior school i bought your book today i can’t wait to read it the codes at school today was very fun ! from tilli x

    • HL Dennis says:

      How brilliant to hear from you Tilli…and thank you so much for buying the book…and for working so hard on the codes! I had a great time at your school and really hope you enjoy reading Secret Breakers!

  82. Hi H L Dennis you came to our school yesterday  the 5th march and I helped hold the table when we do code breaking it was really fun. I love secret   breaker because  it adventures and I like the characters  name  and every thing about it am your begets fan……………..xxxxxxxxxxxxx  

    • HL Dennis says:

      hi Habiba! You were a great assistant with the table cloth code yesterday and I had a lovely time at your school. Thank you so much for your lovely comments too! That’s really kind!

  83. aqsa says:

    the website is so exciting just like the book.i had lots of fun when you came into our school!i cant wait to read the next book.

    • HL Dennis says:

      Thank you so much Aqsa. I am so glad you have had fun looking round the website. I had great fun putting things together and the web designer worked very, very hard to make it all work! Glad too you are looking forward to the next book!

  84. grace miller says:

    hello, I am the girl with the blue peter badge. thanks for coming to my school this week .It was very fun. :)

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hello Grace you Blue Peter Badge winner you! I was very, very impressed to see your badge. You must have done something very special to get it …so well done! I really enjoyed spending time at your school and you made some excellent comments so thank you!

  85. sean says:

    Hi Helen,

    My copy of the manuscript is coming along great I am just waiting for the book that I have ordered to paste it in then I am done, I will make sure to Email pics to you as soon as I can.

    Also have finished raeding book excellent!! The mystery deepens and have ordered book three, can not wait for the next one.


    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Sean, I am so glad your replica manuscript is coming along well. I’m looking forward to seeing it! And thank you again for the link to the video. I love watching videos and reading about the Voynich manuscript. It is such an incredibly fascinating document, isn’t it! You can see why I was so inspired to write about it!

      • HL Dennis says:

        Hi Sean! This is a great replica! I especially like the way the ‘map page’ extended out. I did this with mine….and it’s my favourite page! Thanks again!

  86. amelia wiseman says:

    have you finished all the books and waiting for them to be pubished and when is the 3rd book coming out and im meeting you in brighton on friday 19th april 2013 with fiction finatics!!!!!

  87. Aimee Cavalier says:

    hi i love your books and I’m a big reader I’m meeting you in Brighton today with fiction fanatics and I’m really looking forward to it, what inspired the secret breakers books???? did you make up any of the codes????

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Aimee! It was fab to work with all you Fiction Fanatics in Brighton! Hopefully, now that we’ve met, you know the answers to the questions you asked and you now know lots about where my ideas came from!!

  88. Claire Roche says:

    Hi , I really enjoyed meeting you today (Friday 19th April) with fiction fanatics you are my favourite author after reading just one of your books!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Thank you so much Claire! I had a great time with your group…you were all so kind and good at codes! And I’m very excited that I am now your favourite author! Thank you!!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Madeleine! Great to hear from you! I’m so glad you were drawn to my book at HooBookFest! If you are a puzzle solver then you should be a fantastic Secret Breaker! I really hope you enjoy it! Thanks so much for your comment!

  89. sean says:

    Just wondering I your forth book going to be called ‘Secret Breakers: Tower of Winds’ and will it include a mysterious treasure ship.

    I have found a place were I can pre order your forth book before even you have said anything on your website. I just thought you might like to know thats all.


    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Sean! That’s great news about you finding a place to pre order Book Four from. Your details are right…and soon I’ll begin to plant teasers here on this site. Don’t forget that ‘The Knights of Neustria’ comes out first! Only a few days to wait for that now…and I guess it’s released in Australia before it hits the shelves here…if only by a few hours!!

  90. Angus Abel Smith says:

    I really loved your talk on Sunday at luton hoo it gave me influence becausse i would love to be a writer. i finished the book i was reading really quickly as i wanted to read your’s i love it and the website i can’t wait till thursday because i want to tell everyone aboout it, thanks for the book sign-i will treasure it forever

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hello Angus! What a lovely, lovely message! I am so happy to hear from you…and I am so glad that you found the website and have enjoyed looking around it! I had great fun too on Sunday and remember meeting you! It makes me very happy to know you will treasure the signed book! I can tell right away that you would be an excellent writer…so stick at….and don’t give up! Remember that picture of me in the shed…! It took a long time for my dream of having a book published to come true…but I kept writing all the time in between….and loved every minute! So keep writing! And I hope you enjoy reading ‘Secret Breakers’!

        • HL Dennis says:

          That’s such fabulous news Angus! I’m so impressed…and really hope you enjoy Book Two! (Remember there will be hidden codes in this book just for the readers so keep your eyes peeled for them!)

          • Kendal Varley says:

            Hi! I am so exited for the third secret breakers book to come out! I was wondering which date it would be released into Australia or any different countrys? Thanks a bunch HL Dennis.

          • HL Dennis says:

            Hi Kendal, so great to hear you are excited about the launch of Book Three. And in Australia it comes out on the same date as the UK (May 2nd) which of course with the time difference means it will be released there a few hours earlier if you know what I mean! I really hope you enjoy it once you track down a copy! Thanks again for leaving a comment!

  91. Dhriti Rao says:

    The Knights of Neustria is an amazing book.
    I’ve worked out where the hidden code is but I can’t seem to work out what it says.
    When is the fourth book going to be released?

    All three books are wonderful. I finished the third one in two  days!

    • HL Dennis says:

      That is such a lovely comment Dhriti! I am so pleased you enjoyed book three as well….and well done for getting though it so quickly! That is so exciting for me to hear! Well done too for finding the hidden code! (There are two in this book…the chapter headings one and also one very near the end of the whole book.) I think you are talking about the one near the very end! It is a very tricky code…but…if you look again at page 185 you will find a ‘key’. On page 187 you will see how Brodie grouped a piece of writing into ‘sets’ of five letters to then use the key and make sense of the code. I hope this helps! Let me know how you get on! Good luck and thank you so much again for your lovely comment!

  92. Hi remember me Larissa from manchester. Thanks for sighing my my book I am really enjoying your books especially the power of three! I can’t wait to hear from you. Your pretty!!!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Thank you so much, Larissa! I had such a lovely time at your school and it was so nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story and thanks so much for your comment!

  93. sophia hibbert says:

    hello im reading the power of the three i love it i saw you yesterday at st bedes 
                                  bye bye 

    • HL Dennis says:

      hello Sophie! I had a great time at St Bede’s and I do hope you enjoy the rest of ‘The Power of Three’!

    • HL Dennis says:

      What a lovely thing to say, Rachel…and thank you to you and all your friends at St Catherine’s for making me feel so welcome!

    • HL Dennis says:

      It is so good to hear that you are enjoying looking around the site, Estelle! I had such fun putting together all the extra things to look at! And I am enjoying my writing thank you! I’m in the middle of checking Book Four just before it gets printed…so I’m looking for spelling mistakes! I’m not very good at spelling!! :{

  94. wow ive not yet finished the 1st book but so far its completly amazing. (sorry for wrong spelling mistakes im a teribble speller) the website is amazing. i love the books! cant belive you spent 15 years in your shed! thats sooo cool. thank you again for visitng our school st catherines rc primary school didsbury manchester. this is my second message soo you dont have to reply two times

    • HL Dennis says:

      Don’t you worry about your spelling, Rachel! As you know I find it really tricky too!! And I’m glad you liked the story about the shed. I did come out now and then…for things like food hehe!!

  95. AJ Martin (from Purple Class last year) says:

    Hi, I’ve started reading Book 3 now! Your books draw me in like no others and keep me focused, and that is telling the truth! I can’t wait to find out what comes next. And I searched up MS 408 and found out that the Friedman family really DID exist and that they really DID work on MS 408. I found a version of the translation and had a go at code cracking from a picture from Google of a page and I actually worked out 2 words – they were scrabbled up and in Latin. 😀 It was a page with a weird flower on and I found the words other and oil with 2 words inbetween that I missed out!

    • HL Dennis says:

      That is such a lovely message, AJ. I was telling my family when I got back from my tour, how excited I was to see your tweet…because it means that you have sought out Book Three and that is so exciting for me. You are obviously a fantastic secret breaker…one of the originals! I still remember my time with Purple Class! It was such good fun! I am so impressed you have been checking out the details about the story! All the best bits are true!! Thanks so much again!

  96. AJ Martin (from Purple Class last year) says:

    Also, I showed my friends from Purple Class the book reviews on the Secret Breakers books and saw some of theirs and were very greatful for it!

    • HL Dennis says:

      I am so pleased AJ! The publisher collects comments from reviews and this site and they choose what goes on the books…so maybe the publisher will take some of the comments from here and add them to future books!!

  97. amelia wiseman says:

    hiya helen got the 3rd book given to me from you and im currently reading the second one though and fiction finatics say thank you for the sighned 3rd book !!!!!!!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hello Amelia! I hope you and the fiction fanatics are doing well! Say ‘hi’ to them all from me! I am so pleased you now have signed copies of book three…and I really hope you enjoy reading it once you’ve finished Book Two!

      • amelia wiseman says:

        hi again i will say hi to fiction finatics from you and last night i finished the 2nd book and its sad that Brodie ********

        • HL Dennis says:

          Hi Amelia! I’m so impressed you’ve just finished Book Two. (I sort of coded your comment just in case anyone who hadn’t got that far saw it…hope that was okay!) And I know…shocking isn’t it!! Wonder what will happen now! 😉

          • amelia wiseman says:

            i know im half way through the 3rd book and there has been loads of action and funny parts of hunter sayin hes hungry but broadie gets a bit angry sometimes and kerrith and *SPOILER* and gorden are talking about the kids and i wanted to know when the 4th book will be out? oh i have so much to tell but im afiraid they might spiol some amazing things that level 5 are getting closer

          • HL Dennis says:

            Hi Amelia! You are doing so well! I’m so impressed you’ve read so much…and I’m so glad you can see the tension is mounting!!

  98. You came to my school!!!IT was great talking to you and solving the puzzles! I bought two books which you signed a week ago. I’m already onto the second book, it’s that good!!
    Thank for visiting my school!Secret Breakers are the best books in the world! 

    • HL Dennis says:

      What a lovely comment, Amber…and I am so impressed you are onto Book Two already! That is amazing!! It was a pleasure meeting you all…and your comment has made me very, very happy! Thank you so much!

  99. Rachel Obray says:

    Hi Helen! this is my third message. your the best author in the whole entire world. your better than the j.k rowling and Jacqueline Wilson even the queen! I adore your books ( im still on the first one!) I love writing stories but I have no idea what to write about. hopefully you’ll be able to give me some ideas! whats it like being an author? is it cool. I want to be an author to. I love your website your the best

    p.s you have a lot of comments!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Rachel! I do have lots of comments here don’t I…and I love reading them all! And of course, ones like yours make me extra happy so thank you so much for the lovely kind things you said! Being an author is fabulous fun, especially when you get to chat to readers of your stories! You say you would like to be an author…and are looking for ideas and I’d love to help so here are a few suggestions! Writing about schools is great fun because you know all about going to school. I love writing about a school for code crackers…but maybe you could invent a school for a different type of student. There are books about wizard schools and alien schools and spy schools…so maybe you could write about a school where they taught a different type of skill. That way you can use things from your real life and add in a bit of made up things…which is really what I do in my stories. Why don’t you give this a go? And I’d love to hear how you get on! Thanks again for your lovely comment…and good luck!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Wow Oli…onto Book Two already…that’s great to hear! And it was also really lovely to hear you say thank you for writing the books. What a very kind thing to say! It was my pleasure and can I say to you…thank you so much for reading them!!

  100. Hi Helen! Back again! i was thinking of writting a story about a school maybe about wizards or spys ill have to pick. i love reading im always reading (especialy your books)! Everyone basicly in my class at school is reading secret breakers. i cant wait to read the second one. i realy like brodie bray and hunter and the other one but i forgot her name! is it hard writting a book? are you busy a lot? do u have any pets and my last question is maybe maybe you would maybe use my name or dedicate one of your books to me? i know it wont happen but it was a wish! i adore your books! there soo amazing i tell all my friends about the books. i was soo happy when you came to our school. i was bouncing every were. my teacher had to tell me off twice for getting excited to much. have you ever been in a magazine or been to the red carpet. there’s lots of images of you with other schools on google images! do you still write in a shed? i hope i will be able to be just like you when im older. thanks soo much for writing your books. soo maybe you could think about maybe dedicating one of your books to me. sorry im greedy! :) IM A HUGE FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HL Dennis says:

      That’s a lovely message, Rachel! Sorry you got told off for being excited at school but I am glad to hear that so many of your friends are giving Secret Breakers a read! That’s fantastic. And great news too that you are going to write your own story. Maybe you will write it in a shed! I don’t write in my shed anymore because the shed was at my mum and dad’s house…and I live in a different house now! But I do have a pet…a lazy dog called Benji who sleeps all day…but is very gorgeous! You ask if I have been in any magazines…and I have been in a couple…but I haven’t been to any red carpet events. That would be lovely! For now I’m just busy writing stories and visiting schools! Thanks again for your comment Rachel! It made me very happy and maybe one day I can write a Rachel into a story! :)

      • Kendal Varley says:

        Hi HL. Dennis! It’s Kendal again! I finished the third book so quickly, i am already exited about the fourth! There is constant suspense, exitment and so many things to figure out! Will they ever crack the code? I’m bouncing off the walls because i am so exited, can’t wait for the next book to come out. Hope you can reply!

        • HL Dennis says:

          Wow that is a lovely reaction to Book Three, Kendal. I am so glad you enjoyed it…and so glad that you are excited to know what is going to happen next! You said some lovely things about the story! I am very grateful to you! I hope you find lots of good things to read while you are waiting for Book Four to be released!

      • Kendal Varley says:

        hi HL.Dennis! It’s kendal again, just saying that i finished the third book already and i can’t wait for the fourth to come out! There is so many questions left hanging! Right now we are reading The Billionares Curse at school for Book Club, and i’m thinking of bringing in secret breakers:the power of three to read next! :)

        • HL Dennis says:

          oooh…the Billionaire’s Curse…I’ll have to look that one up! I am so glad you have a book club at school, Kendal, and it would be great to hear that one day it read ‘The Power of Three.’ Thanks for your comment!

  101. Hi again! Its rachel. (sorry you probaly already knew that but trying to start off a message!) i cant even explain how amazing your books are. im up to the part were they are in team veritas. Its the best book ever so far. im not even gonna try speelling this word but its that part at the end were you write your thank you’s! How old is your daughter maggie. (sorry im being nosy) but i wanna know :) ! i know this is a bit of a spoiler question which u will probaly answer to its a suprise or maybe..! in class my teacher mr tanti said “today class we are going to write an new end to a story just like you did! Did you have a best friend or a group of best friends apart from your shed!!!!! did your friends ever come over and write sories with you or liked writting stories? are you gonna have a book sighning or somthing like that. i should of bought all 3 of your books so then i could of got all 3 sighned but never mind. i can always buy them at a book shop. im enjoying the book soo much so far that the book is already bent a bit because ive read it to much. i always look forward to reading time in school cus i cant wait to read yourbook! p.s maggie (your daughter) is realy lucky to have a brillaint author as a mum!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Rachel! Great to hear from you …and I am so glad your book is getting a bit battered with lots of reading! And I am so glad Mr Tanti is getting you to finish other stories. It’s a great way to start! You asked some thoughtful questions…so here’s some quick answers. I did have a lovely group of friends when I was growing up. They didn’t come in my shed though as only I liked to write stories…but I have made friends since who like to write! Meggie is 16 and she does the illustrations for the books and I am very lucky to have her!! We enjoy talking about stories together so that’s great! And keep your eyes posted for competitions on this site as you might get to win some signed bookplates or even signed books some time in the future!So…good luck with your own stories and thank you again for the comments! :)

  102. Year 6W & 6R says:

    St. Catherine’s Year 6 pupils would like to show our appreciation of your recent visit to our school by sending thankyou letters, that will arrive in the post shortly. We hope you reply to our letters Mrs Dennis.

    • HL Dennis says:

      Thank you so much Year Six pupils at St Catherine’s! I had such a lovely time visiting your school and I am very excited at the thought of reading your leters…so thank you so much in advance!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Rachel! Bookplates are fancy labels that stick inside the book and I can write names on and sign them so they can be added to books to make them signed copies! Keep your eye out for the competition! I am sure you would be in with a chance!!!I am never any good at competitions either…but you never know when your luck will change!! Good Luck!! :)

  103. amelia wiseman says:

    i know i really want to be a writer when i grow up with a hole load varities of books but mostly code cracking books i did want to be a doctor maybe still but im rubbish ay maths. i want to know when is the 5th book coming out!!!!! :)

  104. Navy Collins says:

    Just finished the Knights of Neustria IN ONE MORNING! It is the best of the series so far because they come so close! What advice would you give to a young budding author? To anyone out there: YOU MUST READ SECRET BREAKERS… THAT IS AN ORDER :).   Navy x

    P.S What the ham sandwich is going to happen next? (My Hunter quote ;p) x x x

    • HL Dennis says:

      Oh your comment made me happy, Navy! Thank you so much! And I love the Hunter quote. I always have the best fun writing Hunter’s lines! So advice for budding authors….I’d say read as much as possible and try and write the sort of story you would most like to buy! And try and stick with ideas. I was always giving up on stories and starting again but my best advice is to try and finish something and then you can work on it and try and make it better and better. A good idea is to set your self imaginary deadlines….imagine you have been asked to write a book and you have to deliver it on time. A good deadline always motivates people to finish things! And finally…believe it can happen. Who better to write a story you love…then you yourself! And if you love it then there’s a good chance other people will….so keep at it! Hope this helps…and thanks again!

  105. Megan Parker says:

    I have so far read the 1st and 2nd book and they are both brilliant and I had so much fun reading them. I am just waiting for my parents to take me to the shops to get your 3rd book. How many books are in the series?

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Megan! Hope you are well! I am so glad that you enjoyed book one and two…and I hope that you enjoy book three once you get it! There will be six books in the whole series!

  106. Joshua Bulford says:

    Will you be holding another book signing session at Waterstones in Eastbourne soon. I have the first two books all signed.

    • HL Dennis says:

      hi Joshua! Good question! I will chat to Waterstones and ask them as it would be good for you to have a copy of the third one signed too!

  107. Lucas Pawley says:

    I have not read one of your books but they sound cool so I can’t wait till you come to my collage in July

  108. Meghan Buckland says:

    hi, you are coming to visit my school on July 19th, i think, i can’t remember the date exactly but the school is st Augustines in Trowbridge, you’re old teacher, mrs Lever works here. i am lookinhg forward to seeing you then!!!!

    • HL Dennis says:

      That’s great to hear, Meghan! I’m looking forward to it too. Great name by the way! That’s my daughter’s name! 😉

  109. Kathryn Parkes says:

    Hi! I am from St Augustine’s school and i can’t wait for you to come and visit! I can’t wait to read your books. I think I am so lucky to be taught by the same english teacher that taught you (Mrs Lever). I can’t wait to meet you!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Kathryn. Great to hear from you…and yes you are lucky to have Mrs Lever as a teacher. She is a fabulous teacher! I’m looking forward to seeing you and her very soon!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Charlie! Thanks so much for your comments about the website. It’s great to hear people like it! I’m really looking forward to coming to your school soon to meet you all!

    • HL Dennis says:

      I’m sure I will enjoy it, Christian. I’ve been left such lovely messages that I am really looking forward to coming to your school!

  110. i have been told you are visiting our school on the 9th of July i have not read any of your books but i have been told they are excellant and i shall start reading them as soon as i can,
    i am looking forward to you visiting st augustines in Wiltshire. my teacher Mrs Lever was your teacher.

    • HL Dennis says:

      It will be great to meet you, Kwesi. And it will be nice for me to catch up with Mrs Lever! It’s years since I last saw her….I wonder if she will recognise me!!

  111. Emily Taylor says:

    Hi! I am from St. Augustines School, where you are visiting in July. I am really looking forward to you coming, and I hope to be reading your books soon. What do you think your BEST published book is? What is your best achievement?

    • HL Dennis says:

      Good questions, Emily! I think my best achievement was having a book published after such a long time of wanting to be a writer! But it’s hard to choose my best published book. I love them all….although of course the first one feels pretty special to me as it was the first one I saw on a bookshelf and that was sooo exciting! I look forward to showing you the books in July!

  112. charlie ruck says:

    hav not red your books yet but looking fourd to your visit our school in july at st augustinen catholic college

  113. Michael Maddox says:

    Love secret breakers can’t wait till you visit st. Augustines
    on july 19. if you remember Mrs.Lever she is our English teacher.

  114. Mala Rogers says:

    Your books look really good and i am looking forward to reading your books and to see you when you come into school. Mrs Lever is very excited to see her ex student! :)

  115. emily oshea says:

    i have seen your website and your books look great:) i am looking forward to reading them! My english teacher Mrs Lever used to be your teacher and i know she cant wait to see you again !:)

  116. Hi there! I am really excited because you are coming to visit my school soon! Also my English teacher (Mrs. Lever) was your teacher at a different school! Everybody in my year is looking forward to your visit. I personally haven’t read your books yet, but I am looking forward to reading them! Thank You!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Well thank you Sarah! I am so glad the year group is looking forward to my visit! I am looking forward to it too!!

  117. jordan dicks says:

    hi my name is jordan. I cant wait untill you come to the school to talk about your books i have not read any of your books yet but i can not wait untill i get to read one.

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Jordan! I am really looking forward to my visit too…and I really hope you enjoy the books when you start to read them!

  118. Dear Helen
    I am aware that you are visiting our school St Augustines in Wiltshire collage
    on July 9th for this reason I am incredibly exctied about your visit. Your books sound marvelous and I will be happy to purchase them becuase they sound as good on the outside as on the inside I am also exctied to your visit in person for I will be very happy to ask many questions on how you get yourself to write such fantastic books. Not only is my class excited but Miss Lever your previous English teacher is incredibly excited to your visit. Have a good day and a lovely week.

    • HL Dennis says:

      What a lovely message, Piotr. I will have great fun answering all your questions and chatting to you all…and it will certainly be fun to see Mrs Lever after all this time!

  119. leomel says:

    hi9 my name is yiy I cant wait for you to come to are school because I have not read any of your book yet .

  120. Mrs Dennis

    I’m looking forward for you visiting our college I heven’t seen any of your books.

    so I hope that on your visit you woll explain to us about your books. Our school is called St.augustine’s catcholic college. Our English teacher used to teach you her name is Mrs Lever

    • HL Dennis says:

      I am really looking forward to my visit Marcin! I will certainly tell you all I can about my books! And it will be great to see Mrs Lever again!

  121. Hi Helen,

    i’m really excited your visiting my school,

    i personally have not read one of your books yet however i wish too read one of your secret breakers books they look really cool!
    its also cool that your teacher who taught you in brighton is my teacher.

    Your website is amazing i’ve found out loads of stuff about you already.

    • HL Dennis says:

      Isn’t it cool that Mrs Lever teaches you too, Darcy! And thank you so much for the lovely things you said. It will be great to meet you!

  122. Hi, i’m really exited for you coming to our school. I haven’t read any of your books but i’m looking forward to seeing you anyway. My English teacher, Mrs Leaver, is the most exited to see you because she was your teacher too!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Xana! Yes won’t it be exciting to catch up with Mrs lever. Just imagine…she taught me when I was your age….and I really am a few years older than that now! See you in July!

  123. Nicola Hunter says:

    I am really forward to you coming to our school for an author visit.I am hoping to buy a book and for you to sign it! also my english teacher used to teach you when you were at school.

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Nicola! It would be my pleasure to sign a book for you when I visit your school. I can’t wait to meet you all!

  124. Maciek/st augustins says:

    i started to read your first book and its fab! and now my mum is reading the second one and im on the third and your books are very addictive and thats why i cant wait until i read the next series :)

    plese reply ………

    • HL Dennis says:

      What a lovely message, Maciek. I am so glad you are enjoying the books. I will look out for you when I visit your school as you sound like a ‘real Secret Breaker’!

    • HL Dennis says:

      ….and I am looking forward to meeting you too Edward…and all your friends. You sound like a great bunch!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hello Kacper. Great to hear from you! I hope Mrs Lever hasn’t told you that I was naughty at school 😉 hehe

  125. Luke Charleton says:

    Hello, I am a student of Mrs.Lever at st.Augustines and we are all looking forward to your visit. I personally are really looking forward to reading your books!

    • HL Dennis says:

      That’s really kind, Luke. And I am really looking forward to meeting you all too1 It won’t be long now!

  126. Jessica Knollys says:

    I haven’t read your book yet but me and my friends are really looking forward to you coming to our school!!!

  127. saac edwards says:

    i am looking foward to you visiting my school. Mrs leaver one of your old teachers from brighton she has said alot about you and you seem a amazing auther i am looking foward it alot

    • HL Dennis says:

      That’s very kind, Saac. And Mrs Lever has told me that your year group is a great year group so I am looking forward to spending time with you all very soon!

  128. Isaac edwards says:

    i am looking forward to you visiting my school. I am one of mrs leavers students one of your old teachers from brighton i am a year 7 student and im looking forward to seeing you , alot. I hope you have a good time at st augustines :)

    • HL Dennis says:

      I am sure I will have a lovely time at St Augustines, Isaac, as everyone has left such welcoming messages! I’m really looking forward to it!

  129. Frances Fox says:

    I can’t wait to meet you! I am dying to buy the book as soon as possible, and I get to have it signed!

    *faint’s of excitment!*

    The books sound really interesting, and I am really looking forward to getting my nose into them!

    The website looks wonderful!

    • HL Dennis says:

      What a lovely message Frances! Thank you! *blushes a little hehe* I am really looking forward to spending time with you all!

      • Frances Fox says:

        Omigosh! Im on the second book, there sooo good!
        I have also worked out something; I was puzzling over that sometimes theres a mysterious page number! I won’t say how I solved it because I don’t wish to ruin it for other readers, but I will say…………….’

        • HL Dennis says:

          Well done, Frances! That is excellent secret breaking! I am so impressed that you found that hidden code!!(I’ve managed to hide your message but I saw what you found…so well done you!!) I wonder what the secret is…..??? You’ll have to keep reading the series to find out!

          • Frances Fox says:

            😀 Cool!
            I have managed to lure my Dad into reading the first book; he says that it is gripping and has a fantastic story line!

          • HL Dennis says:

            That’s brilliant news, Frances! I am so glad that dad is giving the stories a go. I wonder who is better at cracking the codes…you or him 😉 Please thank him for the kind comment!

  130. Georgia Ashford-Miller says:

    HelloHelen, We have heard a lot about you from one of our English teachers, Mrs Lever who I believe you were taught by in Brighton.

    I would like to know how old you were when you first realised you could become an author and why you chose this profession? I will have good fun exploring your books and look forward to seeing you in July when you visit our school, St.Augustines Catholic College in Trowbridge. Best wishes from Georgia

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Georgia! Great to hear from you! I think it will surprise you when I tell you that I wanted to be an author since before I can remember. I didn’t really ever want to be anything else! Having a wonderful teacher like Mrs Lever really helped me fulfil my dream! It will be great to see her…and you and all your friends…very soon!

  131. Erin Blackburn says:

    Hello! My name is Erin. I am a student of St. Augustines in year 7 and like you, I have written a book and am half way through writing one at this moment in time!
    I have one question – At what age did you start writing? I look forward to the author visit when you tell us about you! Best wishes, from me, Erin ☺

    • HL Dennis says:

      oooh Erin, that’s great. I am so pleased to hear you have written a book already and are writing more. I wrote books from when I was very young…and I just kept writing until I was published! I am really looking forward to chatting to you and all your friends very soon!

  132. Abigail Hunt says:

    Hi Helen,

    I can’t wait to see you when you visit our school (St Augustines)! Mrs Lever has told my class all about you! She teaches our class every 2 weeks. I like to write stories too! How long did it take you to write one book? Our English teacher told us about your books and I can’t wait to read one! The books sound great! Where did you get your ideas from? Did you base any of the characters on anyone you know? Mrs Lever says you loved writing when you were in her class. I like reading too. On Fridays we all bring in a book to read in our English lessons! Can’t wait to meet you when you visit!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hello Abigail! What lovely questions! You are very lucky to have Mrs Lever teaching you as you sound like you will be an excellent writer! I get my ideas from all over the place…and when I visit your school I’ll talk about that more! It took me a very long time to write my first published book…as it is part of a series and I had to plan the whole series first. In fact, in a way, it took me longer to write it than you have been alive! And yes….I did base some characters on people I know! I’ll give you the inside information on that when I come to your school! 😉

  133. Courtney-Ann Stanton says:

    I am a student at St Augustines Catholic college, wiltshire, and am currently 12 years old. Your former teacher Yvonne Lever is also teaching us! I have also heard that you are visiting our school, and I am going to purchase your first book for you to sign. I can’t wait for your author visit, and also am looking forward to reading your book. Best wishes, from Courtney ☺

    • HL Dennis says:

      That’s a lovely message, Courtney-Ann. I will be thrilled to sign a book for you and I really look forward to meeting you soon! Best wishes to you too! :)

  134. Chelsea Charman says:

    Hello! I am a student at St.Augustines Catholic College in Trowbridge. I am in year 7 at the moment and in a term, I will move up to year 8 which I am very excited about! I heard you are coming to my school soon to talk to everyone. I am very excited for your visit and I cant wait to hear all about y0u and your books! I think it is going to be really exciting. I get taught English every other week by Yvonne Lever :) I think she is a wonfderful teacher. I really enjoy English and I find it really interesting! I cant wait to meet you! Your books sound really interesting too!

    Best wishes, Chelsea Charman

    • HL Dennis says:

      So nice to hear from you, Chelsea. And I am so glad you enjoy English. Mrs Lever is a fabulous teacher, isn’t she! Can you believe you are nearly in Year 8? I bet Year 7 has flown by! It will be so nice to get to chat to you and your friends really soon!

  135. Izzy Claridge says:


    I have heard about your books from one of my English teachers called Mrs Lever who taught you in your secondary school in Brighton. I think its a very nice idea that you have already published 2 books and and that you are going to publish 4 more. I am really excited that you are coming to my school which is St Augustines in Trowbridge. I am really glad that you were able to say yes. I have always wondered what inspired you to want to write a series of books ?

    Best wishes

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hello Izzy! Well it will be great to be able to talk to you all about what inspired me when I visit your school. Having Mrs Lever as an English teacher certainly helped!! Best wishes to you too…and see you soon!

  136. April Robson says:

    Hiya Im a student at St Augustines Catholic College I get taught by Mrs Lever in English I would like to say how excited I am to meet you when you come for a visit our school. Im going to get one of your books but I haven’t decided which one yet. Best Wishes April Robson.

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hello April! How lovely to hear that you are excited about my visit. I am too…and can’t wait to meet you all! I’m so chuffed you will be buying one of the books. I’d start with ‘The Power of Three’ if I were you as then you get to follow the adventure from the very beginning!

  137. Jake Lecanu says:

    Hello! I am from St Augustines Catholic College in year 7. We are very excited about you visiting us!

    I have been looking at your books and they look very exciting. I can’t wait to read them! Best wishes, Jake.

    • HL Dennis says:

      Thank you so much for your message Jake! I’m glad you think Secret Breakers look exciting! Best wishes to you too!

      • Emily Carwood says:

        Thanks Helen for visiting Turves Green Primary School (my school). You have got me into reading.  I have read the first book and am reading the second book. I can’t put them down and am desperate to get the third one! I have the second book here and I am trying to type whist reading chapter 5. Brodie, Hunter and  Tusia are all on the trail of the code book for the manuscript and they will get their despite the tough  challenges awaiting.

        • HL Dennis says:

          Hi Emily! You message made me so happy! I’ve been away on school visits and just got back and read it…so I am so glad you are having fun with Secret Breakers! I had a lovely time with your school…and I really hope you continue to enjoy the books! Thank you again for the nice things you said!

  138. Noah Swatton says:

    Your books are amazing and I had a talk with you today on the books.

    You said there would be the 4th book cover on the web but its not there.

    Cheese :)

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Noah! I love the way you signed off your message with ‘cheese’! That sounds just like Hunter! It was a lovely message so thank you…and the font cover of Book Four is on the blog page! (The blog page is from May/June this year!) Hope you can find it!!

  139. Riley Sleight says:

    I came into your workshop at Ocklynge today and I learned so much.
    – desperate for the fourth book to come out.
    One of my best school days EVER and there have been some good ones !  Worked out most of the codes you told us about with the key thing.
    I’m getting all the books in the series one by one.
    P.s. How many books are there going to be in the whole series ?

    • HL Dennis says:

      Oh what a lovely, lovely message Riley! Sorry I took a long time to reply…I was off visiting other schools…but that message made me so happy!! I had the best time with you all at Ocklynge!! Everyone was so clever…and I am so chuffed you had such a good day! And well done for finding the key code! You are a great Secret Breaker! I’m thrilled you are going to get all the books! There will be six in the whole series…so we are half way there! Thank you again for your lovely message and for working so hard in the session!

  140. Henry Rust says:

    I LOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEE the books whens the next one coming out ? Thanks for wednesday but now im back to lesons :-(

    • HL Dennis says:

      It was soooo good to work with you, Henry! I had such a good time with you all! I’ve been away to other schools so sorry I didn’t reply quickly! And we have to wait until October for Book 4…but I’ll try and pop in to Ocklynge around that time and maybe we can have another writing session! Hope lessons are going well! 😉

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Courtney and Kirean! There are three books in the series so far…but there are three more to come…so the series will be a ‘double trilogy’!!I hope you enjoy them!

  141. Andrew Bill says:

    Dear Helen,
    Thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement at the Winchester Writers’ Conference. I came away with four (four!!!) requests from agents to view my whole manuscript. Your enthusiasm for as yet undiscovered authors was plain to see. Oh, and my daughter is loving The Power of Three, and very cross I didn’t get you to autograph her copy!

    • HL Dennis says:

      It was so great to meet you at Winchester, Andrew and I am thrilled by your news. I’m desperate to read your YA novel….so please keep me posted! And please apologise to your daughter for me…as I am very glad she is enjoying The Power of Three and am sorry too you didn’t bring it to sign 😉

  142. Abigail Hunt says:

    Hi Helen,
    I have go to page 200 in your 1st book, I am really enjoying it! It has inspired me to get writing! I can’t wait to see you and get my book signed! I can’t put the book down! When we were reading in English I read your book. My friends, Courtney and Frances are reading it too. Frances is reading your second book. My favourite character is Brodie (at the moment!)
    I am really looking forward to seeing you!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Abigail! That is such a nice message. I am so glad that you and Courtney and Frances are enjoying Secret Breakers! And I’m glad you like Brodie too…she’s my favourite character as well! So it won’t be long before I meet you all, will it? I’m really looking forward to it! Have a lovely couple of weeks until then and thanks again!!

  143. Madeleine Bill says:

    Dear Helen,
    Thank you so much for my card and the sticky plate. Daddy helped me stick it in my book. I love The Power of Three so far and I am excited about reading the other two books you have written. It would be great if you could come to my school one day! Love from Madeleine xxx

    • HL Dennis says:

      Dear Madeleine, I am so glad that you now have the plate stuck in the book! Now it is a proper signed copy! I am so glad too that you are enjoying ‘The Power of Three’. (Keep an eye out for the keys hanging on letters in the chapter headings. The letters marked with keys might have a secret message!) I’d love to come to your school one day! If you show your teacher the ‘Schools and Visits Page’ on this website they might want to ask me along. Don’t forget to tell them to mention you…otherwise I won’t know it’s your school! So happy reading…and thank you so much for your lovely message! Helen xx

  144. Jared Carter says:

    Hi Mrs Dennis Is it possible that you could give me a clue as to what the name of the next book will be?

    • HL Dennis says:

      I can indeed, Jared! Here’s a coded clue to the name of book four…..it’s called ‘eth rtowe fo eth dwin’. But you’ll have to wait a little while longer before I can tell you what Book Five is called!

  145. carrie-ann says:

    i totally love you books i think they are so dramatic and filled with romance espesily with hunter and brodie. your books are great

    carrie-ann xxxxx

    • HL Dennis says:

      Thank you Carrie-Ann! I am so glad you are enjoying Secret Breakers…and especially that you like Hunter and Brodie….!!

  146. carrie-ann says:

    hi helen
    i have an idea about who brodies father might be.though i have to tell you in code ‘obbier manfried’ because he said and (i quote) that he was close with brodies mum.
    carrie-ann xxxxx

    p.s. i hope you reply i just love your books

    • HL Dennis says:

      oooh Carrie Ann…that’s an interesting theory! I love that you put your suggestion in code…and I love that you are looking for clues! You’ll have to keep reading to see if we ever do find out who Brodie’s dad is!! Thanks so much for your comment!! :)

      • carrie-ann says:

        Your welcome mrs denis i enjoyed reading your books . oh i nearlly fforgot me and my friend are writeing a book and you are going to read it first

  147. carrie-ann says:

    Hi helen its me again i think its really sweet when hunter only says brodies name when he thinks he’s going to lose her .oh so sweet don’t you think ?

    carrie-ann xxxxx

    • HL Dennis says:

      I am SO glad you noticed that! Hunter always calls Brodie B or BB….until he is scared he is going to lose her! I am so impressed you noticed….as I loved writing that bit!! Well done!! xx

      • carrie-ann says:

        hi helen its me again my favourite part in book three is when Hunter saves Brodie from the river and says ‘ its ok Brodie its ok ive got you and i’m not going to lose you’ its so romantic and sweet. i love the way Hunter expreses his feelings for Brodie. dont you think?
        carrie-ann xxxxx

        • HL Dennis says:

          I am so pleased you like that bit, Carrie-Ann. I really enjoyed writing it…and I knew for a very long time that it would be Hunter who rescued Brodie! I’m glad you like the way he lets her know he cares!

          • carrie-ann says:

            hi helen its me i cant wait for Hunter or Brodie to admit there feelings for each other. I mean they just have to .Dont they? I wonder who will break the ice. i wonder if it will be book four, five or six ?also i wonder when Brodie finds out who her father is how she’ll react.
            carrie-ann xxxxx

          • HL Dennis says:

            I do love reading your comments Carrie-Ann. I love that you are wondering about Brodie and Hunter….and thinking about Brodie’s dad. I hope you will get answers soon! x

  148. Faamaini Tapaleao says:

    another thing i would really love to ask is… are some parts of the story true? some history stories that are told in the book? i have a thing for history lol and a BIG brain for curiosity, its just a question judging by how your page makes everything so realistic it amuses me. another thing i love about your books 😀

    • HL Dennis says:

      Great question, Faamaini! I think that the best bits of the story are true! Check out the author’s note section in the back of each book and you’ll see that like you I get excited about history and so tried to use as much true stuff as possible! Also…on this website there are sections about each book….and you’ll see there photos of real places and details about real people. Most of the really interesting things I discovered were real…and didn’t make up at all!! :) Thanks again for your lovely comments!

  149. Amelia wiaeman says:

    hiya I haven’t messaged you in ages iv been reading a new book but I still love secret breakers can you just tell me one thing about the 4th book please!!!!!!! 😀

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Amelia. Glad to hear you still love Secret Breakers! Oooh you want to know about Book Four….I wonder what I can tell you?? How about that the Secret Breakers will take on a new member of the team during this adventure? That’s inside information! 😉 Hope it gets you thinking!

      • Amelia wiaeman says:

        *SPOILER* oh another member after Sheldon it says people go missing is it an adult a girl or a boy! please tell me. plus I want Freidman back. and on the water stones website when I was going to get the 2nd book I saw the 4th book cover but I thought it would be the 3rd. hmm

        • HL Dennis says:

          Hope you like that 4th Book cover, Amelia! And although I can’t tell you yet much abut the new member of the team…I promise you will find out more about Friedman in book Four 😉

          • Amelia wiseeman says:

            hi again! I accidently spelt my name wrong I was wondering on the website there could be a quiz like who do suit best as a character sort of thing. also meeting me at the pavilion who would you think I would relate to as a character and my friend Aimee c ( who has messaged you?)

          • HL Dennis says:

            Hi Amelia…and Aimee C! Sorry for taking so long to reply…I’ve been away on holiday! That’s a great idea about having a character quiz on the website. I’ll see what I can do!! Meeting both you and Amimee at the Pavilion makes me think that you are both a bit like Brodie…otherwise you wouldn’t have been Fiction Fanatics! I think you must also be a bit like Tusia…as you like getting answers….so I think you are a bit of a perfect mix of both the stars of the book! Hope you had a nice time away by the way!

  150. Neha Yasin says:

    I love your books i’ve read the first three and they were fantastic. I really can’t wait for the next book ‘tower of the winds’.
    It sounds very exciting. i just wish i could get a early copy of it. Whenever i get one of your book i read it all in a day or two. Thats how much i love them. The books draw me in and make me feel that i am part of it all. Also it nearly makes me cry when the books talk about brodie, her mum, her dad and Friedman. Thank you for making such a good book series.

    • HL Dennis says:

      What a lovely, lovely comment Neha! Those sorts of comments make me so happy! That really has made my day! Thank you so much for letting me know how much you like the series and for the very kind things you said! Keep your eye on the website competition pages as the publisher might run a competition to win an early copy of Book Four…you never know! I’ll ask them!! Thank you again! Lots of best wishes!

    • HL Dennis says:

      I can imagine the thought of secondary school would make you nervous…but I am sure you will have a fantabulous time! And don’t forget that however brave the other years sevens look they will be a little nervous too!! In a few days you will feel totally, totally at home…and I am sure you will have a wonderful time! When I was teaching I used to get a bit nervous on the first day of each school year. Isn’t that a funny thought…that the teachers are a little nervous too! So have a wonderful summer and try not to worry! I’ll be thinking of you as you set off in September!

  151. Neha Yasin says:

    hi! It’s me again
    i just wanted to say i found a message in the knights of neaustria book in Bacon’s Bilateral Cipher it says ……..

    i wonder what it means guess i have to wait till the forth book comes out

    • HL Dennis says:

      Oh well done Neha! You are an excellent secret breaker! I am very impressed with you as hardly anyone is able to read that cipher! Even adults can’t manage it. So well done you! You would make an excellent member of Team Veritas!

      • Neha Yasin says:

        Thank you for replying with those lovely, kind comments and thank you again for the lovely secret breakers books which I always have, do and always will enjoy.

  152. Jo says:

    I recently read the 3rd book and it i fantastic, I love the ways that at the end of each of the books so far there’s been a big discovery, ( it keeps you thinking when your waiting for the next book) and then in the book after they use the discovery to find another huge discovery. They are such fantastic books I can’t wait for the fourth book. 

    • HL Dennis says:

      That is such a lovely comment, Jo! I am so pleased you like the way the mystery is unfolding and am thrilled to hear you are looking forward to Book 4! I am so chuffed to hear you like Secret Breakers so thank you so much for letting me know!!Lots of best wishes to you!

      • Jo says:

        Hi a couple of questions. How did you get the inspiration for your stories? How did you get into writing? Finally how much researching do you have to do for a book?

        • HL Dennis says:

          Hi Jo, great to hear from you…and great questions too!! I’ll try and give quick answers here….but if you go to the bottom of ‘The Books Page’ there is a link to a longer interview with fuller answers to some of the things you’ve asked if I don’t cover everything! So…my inspiration came from reading! I read about MS 408 and am so nosy I wanted to be the one who read the unread manuscript…and that’s what gave me the idea for Secret Breakers! I’ve always written…even as a little girl. I ‘ve got notebooks and notebooks full of stories. Even if I wasn’t published I’d keep writing as I love imagining adventures! And as regards the research…well this takes longer than the writing. I spent hours…days…weeks…reading and exploring details on the internet or visiting locations. It is all part of the writing process and takes ages…but I love it. I do lots and lots of research before I ever write a sentence of the story! Hope this helps Jo!

  153. carrie-ann says:

    hi helen i lovereading your comments too! i love your books and the characters in them. i have no idea how you write such dramatic chapters in your books its amazing. your books are also filled with romance. their amazing so amazing your books.
    carrie-ann xxxxx

      • HL Dennis says:

        oooh yes…I’d love that. Must be fun to share ideas and work on something together…but to be honest…I am a bit like Tusia…and a bit bossy…so I’d probably want things done ‘my way’ so it might be a bit tricky for the other person involved!!

      • carrie-ann says:

        And i hope your having a great summer too! It is an honour to be able to message my fave author it is lovely to know that you replie to all of my comments! You are a great author and its nice to be able to message you ! I will be sure to keep messaging you daily. It has been an honour
        carrie-ann xxxxx

        • HL Dennis says:

          Oh that is such a lovely message Carrie Ann…and I am so sorry I have taken so long to reply! I’ve been away on holiday but am safely back now and just catching up with messages! Let me tell you that it an honour for me to get messages from readers…so thank you so much for keeping in touch! Hope you are having a lovely summer and thank you again! x

          • HL Dennis says:

            hi Carrie- Ann. I had a lovely time thank you….but I can’t tell you where went as it was research for Book Six hehe. I was checking out places the Secret Breakers might have to visit! We flew a long way though! Hope your summer was really exciting!

    • lave lava says:

      aweeeeeeeeeeeesome i cant wait for book 5 and 6 maybe maybe you will show us the charecters faces id like to see them because im gonna draw them

      • HL Dennis says:

        I’m so happy you are excited about the next few books. You’re right about the character’s faces. On the British covers we don’t really see them…but check out the foreign editions on the ‘Books Page’ on this site and see what you think of some of the artist’s view of the Secret Breakers. I would LOVE to see your pictures…so if you do draw any then do send them to Hodder Children’s Books and I will get to see them!!

  154. lave lava says:

    dear helen can you put this coment on your 5 book . i love your books thiers adventure in every coner you turn best book i ever read lave lava age:10

    • HL Dennis says:

      I love this comment, Lave. I’ll definitely let the publishers see it and maybe they will use it on a cover. That would be great!! Thank you so much for what you said!

  155. lave lava says:

    dear helen im thinking of becoming an author 1 dayid love it if yuode give me some tips and ideas for my story its called wolf claw its about wolfs and 6 humans and by the way lllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee your books thier fabuolus llllllllllllllllllllooooooooooo0ooooool i wish thier would be so many books did you ever think of making secret breakers into a cartoon it would be aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssooooooooommmmmmeeeee bye

    • HL Dennis says:

      I’d love to see a cartoon of Secret Breakers, Lave. What a great idea! That decision would be made by the publishers though so we’ll have to see! And as for your story…I love the title and wolves and humans would be great characters for an adventure. My advice would be to keep writing and to have fun with your ideas!! I really hope it works out well!! Good Luck!

  156. lave lava says:

    i only found out about secret breakers last week your cover looks ffffffffffffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaabbbbbboooooouuuullllllsss please put my last comment in your book

  157. lave lava says:

    i love your books i even think yuor beter then j.k.rowling your the best auther eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  158. lave lava says:

    hi helen i love your charecters brodie hunter tuissi and sheldon my friend says you should aad romannce like hunter and brodie and sheldon and tussi ive got 3 friends kate sarah sophie i hope you like my comments helen and you got thousands of comments ibet there are1000000000,oooooooooooooooo fans out never bieng able to be geting inof of your books im your number1 fan lave lave i love your books thier fabouls xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • HL Dennis says:

      Thank you Lave! That’s a lovely comment…and I’m glad you are interested in what happens to Tusia and Sheldon and Hunter and Brodie! :) I hope your friends Kate, Sarah and Sophie enjoy reading Secret Breakers too!!

  159. Sylvie Foster says:

    I love your books!!! I always want to read on more, and I can`t wait to read the  third book! I have been inspired by you at the Luton Hoo Book Fair, and when I am older I want to be a secret breaker or an author, or Brodie Bray.

    • HL Dennis says:

      What a fantastic comment, Sylvie! It really made my day! Thank you so much!! I had such a lovely time meeting readers at Luton Hoo and I am so glad you were so inspired! Good Luck with your own writing and I am sure you would be an excellent Secret Breaker!!

  160. Ashvini * says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! your books are so awesome……………I mean first few pages the story was light going and easy….then I couldn’t stop reading!!! I finished reading the book in 1 day because iwas staying up all night reading it :) isooooo want to know how the series is going to end, their solving real secrets right?!how do you know all this stuff, do you visit locations in the story? please reply ………. by the way the website looks fab!!!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Ashvini! How lovely to get a comment from you and I am thrilled to hear you enjoyed reading Secret Breakers! You’re right…they are true mysteries the team are solving and for me the research took much longer than the writing. I do visit as many of the locations as I can. (I spent a LONG time in Brighton Pavilion!) If I can’t go in person then I go via the world wide web. I read lots of history books to check out facts and it is like being a detective putting all the clues together. I am so gad you think the effort is worth while and thank you so much for the lovely comment about the website! The best bit for me is getting comments from readers so thank you!

  161. Ashvini * says:

    hi again! one more thing……………….you see i’m at the other side of the world and would soooo like to visit you. And I love codes I want to be a secret breaker too! I LOVED the way you hid the message “FIND ELGAR SONG” in the chapter headings!:) cant wait to get the other books!!!thanks for writing Secret Breakers!!!

    • HL Dennis says:

      What a great message, Ashvini…and I am so excited that you are on the other side of the world! Where do you live?? And thank you so much for being so kind about Secret Breakers! Thank you for reading it…and for finding the hidden clue!

  162. Matias Ayala says:

    HELLLOOO I love this book and I like your life story I am reading Secret Breakers the power of 3 . It is very good book. I am reading it with my class we are making a test on it it is very fun (I am 11)

    • HL Dennis says:

      Well hello, Matias! How great to hear from you! And so great to hear your class are reading The Power of Three! I hope you have fun with it! You are the perfect age to be a secret breaker! Thanks so much for making contact!

  163. Sofia Ayala says:

    Hi there! Me and my classroom are reading Secret Breakers The Power of Three, it is very fun reading it! I love the website too! I also like your Life Story. We all love your books.
    Keep writing!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Thank you Sofia! I will keep writing if I get lovely messages like the one from you! Have fun with the book and exploring the website and thanks so much for your comment!

  164. Cristina Reece says:

    Hello!! I have just read your book,and had a test about it.I love the way you have with word. I cant wait to read the next ones. I really love your photos you were so cute as a baby!!!!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Well that is a very kind message Cristina. I am so chuffed you think I looked cute as a baby! And your comment about having a way with words is very kind. That has made me smile all day! I hope you have had a happy day too!

  165. Brunella Repetto says:

    I love this book, I cant stop reading it, I am reding the book Secret Brakers The Power of 3 with my class, we just had a test about it, and i forgot to say something, I loooooove your Web page and your life story too!!!
    I cant wait to read your next book!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Thank you Brunella! That’s so nice to hear! I hope the tes on Secret Breakers was fun…and I’m really excited to hear you want to read more! Thnk you so much and for all the kind things you said!

  166. Amelia wiseman says:

    hi Helen my day at **** went really well as it was the first day it wasn’t a full day because I think the school were nice to let us in at 10:30, so I didn’t get any homework (I thought I might need to code my school) and omg were do Tusia and Sheldon go please say they don’t leave do they get kidnapped by level 5 and does smithies get kinapped what happens to friedmen uggg I cant wait 29 days!!!

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hi Amelia, Hope school is still going well! And good move about writing it in code! And you haven’t got that long to wait now until Book Four is launched!! Then all your questions will be answered!

    • HL Dennis says:

      hi Carrie-Ann. I live in the UK…down in Eastbourne by the sea. I love going to the USA though!! Hope you are well by the way!

      • carrie-ann says:

        hi helen im am having a great time at school ! I live in the uk too although i live in colne in lacashire its reletivly small but its home. i understand if you were reasherching a book so thats fine. i find it so hard to wait for book four to come out!!!!!!!!!!!
        I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        carrie-ann xxxxx

  167. Alex C-J says:

    Wow! These books are so exciting. I’ve just finished the first book and I’m nagging my mum to go and buy the others. I can’t wait for the 3rd October!

    • HL Dennis says:

      What a lovely comment, Alex! So nice to hear from you and so glad you like Secret Breakers. I’m getting excited about October 3RD too. Not long to wait now!!

      • Alex C-J says:

        Thanks for replying, I have just finished the second book now and I CAN’T WAIT to read the others in the series. I think it would be really useful if you could have a guide to what the different stations were used for at the start of the next book. And also if you were looking for comments for the back of the books: I love this series. Its quick, exciting and I love the way the puzzles change in a way you’re not expecting them to. Alex age 12

        • HL Dennis says:

          Oh that’s a great idea, Alex…about the different stations! Check out the ‘World of the Secret Breakers Page’ on this site, to find out lots about Black Chambers…and maybe one day I will add your suggestion to this page! A great idea! Also great is your fabulous comment. I’ll send this on to the team who put the covers together…and you never know…they might choose to use it! Thank you so much!!

    • HL Dennis says:

      ooh yes…a Halloween launch would have been exciting! Great question about Brodie’s birthday by the way! You get to read all about her birthday in Book Four! I wonder if you can work out what Hunter will get her!

  168. carrie-ann says:

    hi helen you know when you hint that not all of the members of tean veritas will get through i do hope you dont mean Hunter or Brodie because they are my favourite characters and hope they get to KISS in one of the books. sorry i ramble when i get excited.
    carrie-ann xxxxx

    • HL Dennis says:

      I love reading your messages,Carrie Ann…and I have to admit my favourite characters are Brodie and Hunter too. I like that you think they would make a good team! Let’s hope they keep safe!!

      • carrie-ann says:

        i hope they keep safe too !!!! i’ve had such a great summer . the only question is when is brodie birthday ?
        carrie-ann xxxxx

          • carrie-ann says:

            OH MY GODS(UH SORRY DEMIGOD HERE) I WAS RIGHT ABOUT ………………. I JUST KNEW IT!By the way helen i loved book four so dramatic. when are Brodie and Hunter gonna kiss ? cause i think its about time. You?
            carrie-ann xxxxx

          • HL Dennis says:

            So glad you predicted correctly, CArrie-Ann!! And maybe your predictions about Brodie and Hunter will be right too?? You’ll have to keep reading! 😉

  169. Amelia wiseman says:

    hi again ! I just wanted to know when are the teams birthdays (including Eddie and Alex ), and will we ever celebrate any of the teams birthdays :)

    • HL Dennis says:

      This is such a great question, Amelia! We are going to celebrate Brodie’s birthday in Book Four…and I mentioned Alex’s birthday in Book Two. It was the day the team set off to London! You ask great questions!

  170. Neha Yasin says:

    It’s me again 
    I am so happy right now because I pre-ordered  book 4 from amazon and it just arrived 
    3 days before the release date

  171. Isabella says:

    Heya Helen! It was great meeting you today (though you have come to our school multiple times!) I’m excited to read your new book! It’s so cool that we were the first to see the books! Btw, your presentation was awesome and we you come back again (to Moho!) Just a question, when the Secret Breakers Series finish (awww) then will you be writing another series?? I love your books and hope to see you soon!:D

    • HL Dennis says:

      What a lovely, lovely message Isabella! I love coming to your school as everyone is so kind! And thank you for being so kind about the presentation! I hope you are all all set up now to ‘see things differently’! You asked a great question about what is next after Secret Breakers and I am working on another project!! It’s very exciting and I hope to be able to give people details soon! And I hope to be back at MoHo again very soon too! Lots of best wishes and thank you again!

  172. Neha Yasin says:

    Hi, it’s me again
    I just wanted to say that I got secret breakers tower if the wind 2 days before the release date on the 1st of october this is because  I pre-ordered it off amazon.
    Also I just started reading the book and when I got to the 2nd chapter and I noticed something about   the chapter titles. The code read:

    • HL Dennis says:

      Oh well done, Neha! I am so impressed you found the chapter heading code. Did you see the computer hid your answer…but you are totally right! Brilliant Secret Breaking! If you go to the competition page there is a chance to win a goodie bag and it asks you to crack a similar code in the Knights of Neustria! Why don’t you have a go!!

  173. faamaini says:

    omg UR FOURTH BOOK IS OUT!!! o cant evenn breathe right now hahahah, im so excited. i’ve waited for the book for ages hahahah, i hope u remember me from my previous exciting comments about ur books on ur page lol, IM A HUGE FAN!! 😀 , and im excited for the fifth and sixth 😀

    • HL Dennis says:

      That is such a fabulous message, Faamaini! Thank you so much! I am so glad you are so excited!! I can’t wait for people to read more of the adventure either!! Thank you so much again! :)

  174. Amelia wiseman says:

    ohh I really want to read it but waterstones had sold out and now im really anyoded cos I want it now!!!! 😉

  175. Amelia wiseman says:

    hi Helen I just got the tower of the winds I’ve already read nearly half of the book in about 2 hours ! SPOILER* ps: hunter got Brodie a …..

    • HL Dennis says:

      Yay!! So glad you got it and so pleased you’ve found out about Hunter’s pressie. (The computer hid your answer…but I could see it!) It proves he really likes her because for him that was a really big deal!!

    • HL Dennis says:

      You are a star, Amelia! I am so pleased you’ve read it all so quickly! That is amazing. Well done you!! I am so impressed…and I am really happy you like the ending. Again the computer hid it…but I read it…and am very glad you like that bit!! Thanks so much for all your lovely comments and enthusiasm! I am so grateful! Hope you have a lovely week and thank you so much again!

      • Amelia wiseman says:

        Im so glad your happy about it I found out the code for the key chapter things its ………. I found this really weird

        • HL Dennis says:

          You really are a superb secret breaker, Amelia! Well done for finding the hidden key code! And it is a weird message…but hopefully it will all make sense when you read Book Five!!

  176. zoya chaudhary says:

    Hello Mrs Dennis today I saw you add Bearwood college and it was a really wonderful visit I loved
    you were
    :] I wanted to
    ask you
    question, my
    book got

    • HL Dennis says:

      Hello Zoya! Great to hear from you. I had a lovely time at Bearwood College….you were all such a great audience! Thank you! And thank you for the kind comment abut my ‘serious’ photo of me in the Paddington Bear T Shirt! As I told you in the session, I wanted to write stories from ever since I can remember…but my fist book wasn’t published until I was 42…so there was a long time to wait! I wrote stories during all that time…and never gave up hoping…proof that if you keep trying at something you want to achieve at…then dreams finally do come true!

  177. Fryer Book Club, Leighton Park says:

    Hi there Helen,
    Great talk yesterday at Bearwood!! We’re planning to do a Collect (assembly) on the event and the BBA. Sid says it was awesome. Lihi says the book’s great! Evie has offered to be your illustrator if you ever need one. Robert wants to crack some codes. Ellie can’t wait to read your books! Emma can’t wait until your next book comes out! Chris and Ann (grown-ups) would love you to visit the school one day.

    • HL Dennis says:

      What a lovely message! I remember you all and had such a lovely time at Bearwood! I do hope the Collect goes well! Will you mention Margot and what she did with my coding machine!! So….Sid…keep being good! Lihi…I might be borrowing that name! Evie…thanks for the kind offer…I’ll keep that in mind! Have fun with the codes, Robert! And Ellie and Emma I hope you manage to keep waiting!! And Chris and Ann….why not send an email to Lizz.Skelly@hachettechildrens.co.uk and ask about a visit. I’d love to come and see you all again! Thanks so much for the comment!

  178. Loving all of your books my class and I are  breath taken by the suspence left when the teacher puts it down  always trying to read different authors but obviously you are the best at leaving  every sentence a mystery