Team Veritas

Welcome to the ‘Team Veritas’ part of the site. This is where serious Secret Breakers need to be!

‘I’d like to begin by thanking you for responding to our call for help,’ began Smithies.…

…‘We’ve invited you here with two very clear purposes,’ he said deliberately. ‘Our first task is to train you. To make you masters of code and ciphers. To teach you all we know.
‘Our second task is to test you.’
Brodie felt a little sick.
‘To choose members for a Black Chamber Study Group entitled Veritas,’ continued Smithies, ‘who’ll be given classified and highly confidential new information which will be used to work on a code that’s baffled minds for centuries. A book of secrets.
It’s our serious hope to choose a team of people able to read it.’

(Extract from Secret Breakers Book One ‘The Power of Three.’) Show the full extract

What You Can Do In This Section:

‘TeamVeritas’ was formed by descendants of Code Crackers from the past and this is the place on the site where you can find out all the members.

It's also where you can sign up for updates, take part in competitions, learn about Code and Cipher Lessons as well as wise up about some enemies of Team Veritas.

As the series progresses, we get to meet more and more enemies of Team Veritas. If you have read Book Five and don’t mind seeing some spoilers, then check out the ‘Who’s Who in Book Five’ page to understand more about how the enemies in the series are organised!