The Library of Congress, Washington D.C. - U.S.A.

Many people believe that The Library of Congress is the biggest and most influential library in the world. It is home to about 150 million items! It is housed in four main buildings in and one of them bears the name The Jefferson Building which fits in rather nicely with all our code cracking!

‘‘Have you seen what this part of the building’s called?’ said Brodie, as they reached the top of the steps of the Library of Congress. ‘Only the Thomas Jefferson building!’

... ‘Now that’s a way to keep your name remembered,’ Sicknote said as he led the way inside through the security system and into the great hall.
‘Bit special, isn’t it?’ whispered Sheldon, in an appropriate library tone. ‘Kinda different to the mobile library which comes up near The Plough once a fortnight.’
‘This is the sort of place where books should be kept,’ Brodie whispered along the line, sure it was perhaps the most beautiful place she’d ever been.

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Thomas Jefferson played an important role in the Library's early formation. The law he helped pass ensured that a Librarian of Congress could be appointed by the president. You’ll remember that a scene in the book takes place in the librarian’s office! You’ll also remember that the library was not safe from disaster! The Library of Congress was destroyed in August 1814, when invading British troops set fire to the Capitol building and the small collection of 3,000 volumes housed inside. Former President Jefferson offered his personal library as a replacement. Jefferson had spent 50 years accumulating a wide variety of books. The Jefferson collection is kept behind glass in the beautiful building that shares his name.

The outside of the building is impressive enough…but the inside has to be seen to be believed. In many ways, the building works like a book, revealing stories as you walk through the corridors. There are so many fascinating pictures and sculptures and it easy for the Secret Breakers to make the connections they need to the code they’ve been cracking.

Take a look at some of these images and see how the building tells its own story. All the paintings, murals and sculptures I talk about in The Pirate’s Sword are really just as I describe them inside this splendid library! You’ll see the statue of History just as she is described in the story, holding that all important mirror and looking back towards the past. You’ll also see an incredibly important quote about stars which is painted on the library walls! Hopefully, you will remember how vitals stars have been in linking together threads of the Secret Breakers story. You should remember that stars will continue to be important as the adventure races towards its dramatic conclusion!

Finally, check out these video clips that give you a quick glance inside the Jefferson building and ten key facts about the amazing building!

Inside the Library Of congress

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