Site Three: The Underground City

Now we’ve visited lots of locations seen by Team Veritas in America, I should make sure you’ve had a closer look at one of the sites back in the UK, used by the Suppressors, during the story of The Pirate’s Sword.

‘Welcome to Corsham Quarry, Wiltshire,’ said the Director, from beyond the door. ...

‘I think, Miss Vernan, you’ll be impressed by what you see here at what’s known officially, but highly confidentially, as “Site Three”.’
Kerrith took the hand he offered and stepped out of the train.
As in London on their underground visits, the air was cool and regulated against her skin, the darkness punctuated by electric lights. But this felt bigger than London. And deeper.
The Director seemed to sense her excitement and led her, without talking, down a twist of tunnels. There were street names pinned to the walls, road ways marked on the ground, people dressed in white uniforms striding about with purposeful steps. The Director led the way to a long double escalator and stepped aboard.
Kerrith tightened her grip on the handrail as the metal stairway took them even lower under the earth.
Once at the bottom of the stairway, the Director led Kerrith towards a wide entrance. He opened the doors. ‘This is where we “manage” things,’ he said in a voice of barely disguised laughter.
The Director pointed up to a bank of plasma screens lining the walls. ‘We manage things here at the Site and we manage life from above. By the time people have made it to Site Three, they’re deemed a high risk to security. We need to watch their every move and we also need to be sure the information regarding the life they’ve left and the world above is carefully, how shall I put this? Filtered. Site Three is about controlling what’s known above and below ground.’

(Extract from Secret Breakers Book Five ‘The Pirate’s Sword.’) Show the full extract

You will remember that the Suppressors like to work in hidden, disguised or underground locations. Well what better than a complete city underground?

Site Three is a 240-acre complex built 120 feet underground as the United Kingdom's Emergency Government War Headquarters. It was built to act as the country's alternative seat of power outside London during a nuclear war or conflict. It is located in Corsham, Wiltshire, in an old underground Bath Stone quarry known as Spring Quarry.

The location has several names, because of its high level of secrecy! ‘Stockwell’, ‘Subterfuge’, ‘Burlington’, ‘Turnstile’, ‘Chanticleer’, ‘Peripheral’, and ‘Site 3’.

The site was made to be completely self-sufficient and able to withstand any bomb or blast attacks. It could house up to 4,000 people in complete isolation from the outside world for up to three months. The underground city had everything that would be needed for survival including its own lake, hospitals, office centre and canteens. Even the air temperature and humidity could be controlled.

Here's a video to show you more

And you should check out this link too which will give you loads more information about the location including lots of extra videos and an interactive map! As soon as I heard about the underground city, I knew it would be the hub of all that the Suppressors did, and therefore a vital headquarters for the work of Level Five!

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